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Dancing Queen

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Behind The Lens

I have been growing vegetable in my home garden for a few years. This image, which is a gorgeous purple little flower from the bunch of lettuce that I had grown, was taken in my garden.
This image was taken in one very sunny morning in May, 2017. I remembered that I had been anticipating for quite a few days to see what lettuce flowers look like. That was the first year I tried to grow seeds from mature lettuce. To my amazement, the flowers were tiny but really pretty!
Almost all the images I made were taken outdoors. I find that natural lighting is nature photography's best partner. Early morning and late afternoon are the time I usually go for my shootings. The lighting at these times are perfect for capturing images, when the sun is not too bright to create shadows or too harsh on the flowers or other subjects, it enables a truer reflection of what I see with my eyes. I am always drawn to tiny details and I like to get really close to my subjects. I fell in love with these tiny beauties at once. Without any hesitation, carmera was out as the bright morning sunshine was the best lighting for taking macro images. I had to be careful not to create shadows when I took the shots, that was done by moving around my subjects and experiment with different angles.
This was shot on my Canon 6D, with the Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact-Macro lens and Viltrox 36mm extension tube and no other equipments.
When I took closer and detail looks at these tiny lettuce flowers, the filaments quickly caught my attention. They were all curly, swaying in different directions, with fresh tiny pollens coating all over them. They were shining under the wonderful sunshine, just like shimmering diamonds! It was such a joyful sight and I could immediately imagine that they were all dancing happily, celebrating the wonder of life together. The sunshine provided enough lighting for me to handheld and take this very close up shot of the dancing filaments. It is always a challenge to take macro shots handheld, but the result of the hard work is totally worthwhile. The shallow depth of field created a dreamy dancing background for the filament beauties.
I usually only do simple post-processing to my images, and this one was no exception. I cropped in slightly and did some saturation, exposure and contrast adjustments.
In my camera bag
The essential must be my favourite Canon 6D which now has the Canon 100mm f/2.8 L macro lens permanently mounted on. I also carry my Canon 50mm macro lens and a set of Viltrox extension tubes with me. I have an extra charged battery and two extra memory cards. I don’t use tripod, monopod or flash. I prefer handheld which I find more flexible for the kind of images I like to take. Occasionally I use a ring light to compensate for low light availability in late evenings.
Beautiful flowers are everywhere, some are huge and eye catching but many more are subtle and need extra attention to discover their existence. To be able to appreciate their beauties, just take your time and really look around at our surroundings. You will be amazed that they are actually just everywhere.

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