washed up in the sand after a storm in Palm Springs.

washed up in the sand after a storm in Palm Springs.
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Behind The Lens

It was early summer and we had to get out of the house. We planned a short trip to a Spa Hotel in Palm Springs California. I am a huge nature buff and so I dragged my husband off into the desert for a walkabout. The past winter had flooded many places and evidence was everywhere. I found many things just resting in a dry dust washout. This book was sitting, torn and tattered. I couldn't walk by without taking a shot.
The day was cooling off, evening was setting in, the sun was perfect.
The time of day is important. To get the right colors on the pages of the book, the magic hour of sunset is the best.
Im not sure if this was taken with my old Olympus camera or my Galaxy phone. The cell phones that are out now, have the best quicky cameras ever.
The contrast of the dark and light sandy colors was the reason I took it. How the words almost match the sand and the paper blends with the dry grasses.
I did add a bit more contrast, to bring out the letters and sand.
In my camera bag
I want everything in my bag, but in most cases, I just have my Galaxy phone. I make random stops right off the main roads to catch all my pics.
The best pictures are the ones taken of things right in front of you, in plain sight. Go for walks in your neighborhood, make a stop or 2 on the way home from work. Go for a drive on the weekends.

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