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Behind The Lens

Newberry Estates in Brentwood, CA
This was in the late afternoon, right after the Wedding Ceremony of the James Wedding in 2017
It was perfect lighting with the sun setting and the positioning of the building. I didn't have to use a flash and just capture the photo in the most perfect setting. (Just at the right time and the right place)
Equipment was just my Canon, nothing else
I had seen the stairs prior to the wedding and knew that I wanted to capture some photos in this area. When the bride came out of the doorway, I just seen the beauty it held and asked her to go back so I could capture this shot. I was able to capture a few other shots in this area; but this was by far my favorite photo.
No, this photo was taken just for their Wedding Photo Album.
In my camera bag
Well, this is a hefty question. I carry a Canon 200D Deluxe Gadget bag, this holds a lot of equipment. In there is 2 different flash attachments (Canon Speedlite and Powerextra DF-400 Speedlite), lens (55-250, 18-55), lens cover (Canon EW 73B) , VILTROX JY-120-C1 wireless remote shutter release, PRO 58mm Lens Attachment (WIDE/TELE), 58MM Altura Photo UV CPL ND4 Professional Lens Filters, Len Filters (Polarizer · Ultraviolet · Color Correction) and of course, battery replacements, AA Batteries. This is just the list I can remember, LOL
Having a model or individual stand in any area. Take several photos, move around and capture the same photo in different positions. What you like in person sometimes you do not like when reviewing the photos. Take the time to capture what you think you will love and def have fun.

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