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Sep, 2017

soft sea III

Shot taken in the sunset at the coast.

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Behind The Lens

As usually I drove 15 minutes to the coast, to a path were you can enjoy the views of the sea. I left the path and walked 50 meters above those sharp rocks till I get almost into the water
It was a cloudy September afternoon at sunset. Clouds were disappearing and the tide was rising, a perfect combination.
I shot this photo on my Nikon D750 with the 24-70mm lens on a tripod. I also used a polarizing filter to get rid of some glare over the water surface, and I soft graduated ND filter of 3 stops to make the sky a bit darker.
The sea always amaze me. Its sound crushing into the rocks, its smell, its overwhelming power are just amazing.
I processed this photo in Lightroom. When I downloaded it into my computer I realized it was a bit underexposed so I increased the exposition a bit, a couple touches of contrast and color correction and that's all...
In my camera bag
Apart from the D750 and the 24-70mm lens, I usually have with me a 20mm f1.8 lens from Nikkor, and a little collection of filters (10 stops and 6 stops ND filters, 4 stops medium GND and 3 stops soft GND). I always have with me a little torch as I usually end shooting really close to the night and also a power bank for my phone, not a good thing to have a dying battery when you are out and alone.
My best advice is safety first, before you get into any place like this, watch for some minutes where the waves crush, always be informed about tides and weather, and always search for a scape route in case you need to run away. Apart form that don't waist all your time shooting, try to enjoy the moment with your own eyes, nature is amazing.

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