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jimhelmick September 04, 2017
Mom and bodyguard? Great photo.

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Behind The Lens

In the back yard of our farm. I asked someone to take the bench out to the far side of our farm under the biggest trees I new that was the place. Hahah this photo was also taken next to the farm fence as the trees stood tall on the other side.
It was taken in the afternoon So it was getting dark so I try to take the photos fast but slow Hahah made sure it was perfect . Just one of those beautiful days
The lighting of this photo was not that important but because I took this photo in the afternoon the sun was at the best place for this photo. And I had so make sure that I was not sitting in the sun but in the shadows so that you could see me.
I used my dads camera to take this photo because I'm more the photographer in the family he trusted me more with it.
I had a total different idea on how this photo should look but I saw an opportunity when the dog lied down I quickly put my feet on him and took the picture haha more like a video see that is me on that photo now I know you are asking how did I take it, I had to come up with an idea for making photos because I don't have money to get models out I'm my own model and sometimes my causin models for me so I take videos by putting the camera down or hanging it up on a tree or something that way if something happens then I have it recorded, after record the video I look for the best and take screenshots that is how I got to this amazing photo. I always look for a theme before I do photos and this Time it was owners and dogs the beauty of it and I completely captured it in this photo.
Yes, because I take photos of my self I rather take videos and make screenshots of it and get the photos out of the video. Then because I don't have very good camera the color of the picture is somtimes blurry and that requires me to put more sharpness and color to the photo. I don't put lots of editing on my photos because I believe that the less you change it the pure and beautiful it stays. Because if you ar a great photographer your eyes will already tell you wow that would be a beautiful picture because your eyes don't change the color of the picture you are seeing now or make it little darker no it's showing you that that without any editing is a beautiful picture. Don't try to change a photo that much so that it looks fake but show the color as it is like your eyes is seeing it now because that normally is the best photos.
In my camera bag
I normally have some prestic or rope to hang or put the camera down for the to take pictures. Then I have my camera and two lenses on that only do close up shots and one for shots from a distance. Then when I'm working with animals treats to ceep them happy and not bore them. Then I also take a snack with me and water since I live on a farm it will take time to walk back and forth to the house. I also play it safe and take my phone to take more photos if the camera battery goes low and for emergencys Hahahahahha.
Yes, when you are own your own trying to take similar photos think of smart ways to get that photo Like I would recommend Finde not only the right place but find a place where you could hang the camera up or put it down on something and take a video of the move you want. Later get a slow motion app and play that video in slow motion and take screenshots of the part you like or want. One thing I have learned taking a video is best because you are able to get more photos out of it and beautiful moments. As I get more experienced in the feeld of all kinds of art forms I get closer to my goal of opening my own line of places wich will be called Artistic "were minds get creative " Because I believe that You will know when you have a gift if you can think of inactive ways to get the job done Don't let something like being alone stop you from getting that picture.

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