joybello September 08, 2017
Gorgeous!! I hear ya about waking up at 4am. I like to do that to escape crowds & get good shots in Yosemite.
capturezeworld September 11, 2017
Yeah its that photographers sweet spot when you have the whole place to yourself.
beverleypohlner September 29, 2017
What a fabulous image of this wonderful church in NZ. None of those flowers were there when we visited many years ago now
capturezeworld September 29, 2017
Yeah they only bloom for about a week in late November and early December. So it was quite a treat being able to photograph them in such a beautiful location.
Merlot September 30, 2017
Love it beautiful gallery and amazing work Josh
capturezeworld September 30, 2017
Thank you so much Merlot!
CarrieKelley October 02, 2017
Such a Beautiful shot really love it
aleclux October 02, 2017
great capture
DebbieKMiller81 October 07, 2017
Gorgeous colors and contrast. Wonderful composition.
charlieleaphotography October 09, 2017
Love the colours!
martinkiener October 11, 2017
Wonderful picture with really Great colours!
sigridbh December 09, 2017
Great capture and beautiful color combination!
Imperfection606 December 28, 2017
LindaT December 29, 2017
Beautiful think of all the dawn opportunities I slept through. Inspirational!
John256 Jan 03
Beautiful image, nice job.
John256 Jan 03
Beautiful image, nice job.
erwinrll Jan 25
So beautiful, i have bi dear bevor 3 years.
Stephenholder Feb 02
Stunning shot, I’ve been here may times myself and until now never knew about these flowers, thank you for sharing

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Aug, 2017

Purple Haze || Church of the Good Shepherd, New Zealand

Was such a privilege to be able to capture these amazing flowers which only show themselves 3 weeks out of the year. Turns out I wasn't the only one who got the memo about this. This location at sunset was full of drones, massive cameras, and selfie sticks. Luckily for me, most tourists don't like to wake up at 4am.
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