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robwill236 September 13, 2017
Love this picture, great job
pietnel October 19, 2017
Gorgeous beautiful model
Alwolfe October 19, 2017
marktrevino February 25, 2018
Nice image
McKenzeLoch1101 February 27, 2018
She looks like Chelsea from the Bachelor! Very pretty!
mattiasam Feb 08

Somber days

Model: Chelsea Roy

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Model: Chelsea Roy

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Behind The Lens

We took this shot in a nearby cemetery. I love how quiet and peaceful they are with such beautiful structures.
This was shot in the afternoon, just before golden hour so the light was really soft and even.
I really loved how the shadows hit her face to really accentuate her features, and give this a creepy yet beautiful vibe.
I shot this with a Canon 5D MKII, a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens and natural light.
I tend to find inspiration in the moment, it usually finds its way to me. I like to pick a location then just explore around until something jumps out at me or feels right. We were spending the afternoon walking around and shooting in the woods as well as the cemetery, and when I saw this big beautiful building and spot for her to sit, it just seemed perfect.
Editing is probably my favorite part of the whole process. I love getting to play around with the tones and colors, and to really let my creativity come out. I feel it brings that final piece to tie the entire image together. I tend to use a lot of curves adjustment layers, selective coloring, and dodging and burning.
In my camera bag
I keep my equipment pretty simple and easy, I have my body and lens and that's usually about it!
I'd say if you're trying to capture something similar, find a setting that has softer even light but still bright enough to create some dimension. Here my model was facing toward the light so it lit up her face and body parts that were in the same direction, while also giving her deeper features (like her cheekbones) some depth with the shadows behind her. I also kept the editing pretty "dark" as I wanted to give it an ominous feeling, so I made sure not to overexpose my shots and used curves layers to bring the brightness down in specific areas, or added a bit of burning to increase shadows.

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