She made a run for the train

Duvbo T-bana, Stockholm

Duvbo T-bana, Stockholm
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nuevamonica August 02, 2019
Magníficas y fascinantes tus fotografías!
Te sigo porque me gusta mucho tu trabajo!

Behind The Lens

I captured this photo of my daughter in Stockholm, Duvbo T-bana station. With every country we visit during our holidays, I negotiate a few hours dedicated to photography. Not only does it create wonderful memories, but it often allows doing something out of the ordinary in the place.
Not that the time of the day matters much in the subway when it comes to lighting, but the middle of the afternoon seemed like a reasonable time to minimize the number of commuters we would encounter.
While I very frequently travel with a small strobe, reflector and stand, I did not have the time to setup much here. We needed to be nimble in order to face the doors as soon as they opened. So I went with ambient light.
For the past two years I have been shooting with a Sony A7r2 and prime lenses. This image was captured with a 35mm f/2.0, at 1/320 sec and ISO 2000.
The subway is a place where periods of calm are followed by that gust of wind announcing the intensive rush happening while the doors are open. I wanted to recreate the feeling of that door rush.
Lighting in the subway can be unpredictable. If it does not flicker, it always has strong color casts. The colors in the Stockholm subway system are often saturated and this image required colors correction to reproduce the blue I remember from the train. I also cloned out some of the ceiling fixtures that were distracting to the eye.
In my camera bag
I normally travel with a Sony A7r2, and a 35mm and 85mm prime. I also carry a Godox AD200 flash with a folding umbrella. I often trade my tripod for a more portable light stand.
Take your time to find the best angle for your composition and take the time to observe the traffic patterns: where will do people walk when the subway stops? Are they in your field of view and do they add to your story? Then rehears the pose with the dancer a few times before the train arrives and when the doors open, you have 3 tries to nail the shot. Oh, and certainly don't ask your dancer to jump through the door into the train! Have her jump vertically to avoid any kind of incident. Have fun and create memories, without bothering what people around you will think!

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