amanavinash September 01, 2017
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amanavinash September 01, 2017
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gilclaes June 28, 2018
Thank you all for this nice support... Best regards. Gil :-)
manueladurson September 26, 2018
Love this! I would hang this on my wall!
gilclaes October 09, 2018
Thanks a lot for this nice comments and support... Greets...
Njjoc3 December 05, 2018
The multiple shapes and simplicity of this photo are awesome.
gilclaes December 17, 2018
Many thanks to everybody... Cheers
Very spectacular view.

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Aug, 2017

Beach box

A blue concrete fence and a cabin on the beach ...

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Behind The Lens

This photo is taken in Wimereux, a small town at the coast of Normandy in France...
At 10.27 AM 24 Mai 2017
Ther were some clouds and so I had a diffuse light...
I used my Canon 80 D with the 17-55 mm 1: 2,8 lens. Iso 100 - f/16 - 52 mm - no flash - no tripod (never do...)
The composition, the subjest and the blue color in contrast with white.... Alos the white lines into the black roof of the cabin are cute...
I take always my images in RAW... So I have to work on the contrast, sharpness... and so on... I like pictures with a lot of contrast... I blurred the sky a little...
In my camera bag
I do not use a bag... When I am going out taking pictures I only use my camera and most of all always the same lens (17-55 mm)... I walk sometimes more than 15 to 20 km a day ... so my camera is more than enough to drag along ... :-)
It is important to observe the surroundings. Especially looking at the abstraction of the subjects and for details ... like the shapes, colors, the light on the object ... Always try to isolate details from the whole. Many people often see me as if I'm not good at my mind when they see what abstract details I all capture on the picture. They do not understand the essence of beauty which lies in many little things around us. When I walked for a few hours, I always come home with a lot of new pictures ...

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