TimKilbride December 18, 2017
Good job on going the extra mile to get the results you were seeking.
Jinjii May 16, 2018
I love St Augie. The Midnight Ghost Tour at the lighthouse is so much fun. (also the night ghost tour of the Fort) We stayed at the St Francis Inn in the haunted room, at Casablanca in the haunted room. St Aug is beautiful. culture, great food, reeking with history. oh yeah, and pirates. love this shot

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Aug, 2017

St. Augustine Light

This is a 30 second long exposure taken just after a nighttime ghost tour. The Dark Of The Moon ghost tour is not only fun, it is a great way to learn the history behind the lighthouse and the keepers that lived and worked there.

I've taken several night photos of the lighthouse and keepers house, but have always converted them to black & white due to the complex light. The grounds are lit by mercury, sodium, halogen and florescent light, each with a different color temperature. This is the first color photo that I liked well enough to share. I post processed the photo in Lightroom, with general exposure and white balance settings, then into Photoshop, where I tweaked the various color casts using the Selective Color adjustment layer.

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