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Marcogressler September 06, 2017
Witmar January 03, 2018
great picture
JT_Foulds February 23, 2018
Are you kidding me?! Well done...seriously.
Harilaos March 23, 2018
beautiful photo thumbs up!
ela_v May 28, 2018
Very nice
Blumanchu Jul 02
An incredible photo

Kim V

Model : Kim Vleurick (Belgium)
Model : Kim Vleurick (Belgium)
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Behind The Lens

This picture has been taken in my house in Bruges, Belgium. I have a large living room surrounded by big windows. A perfect place for shooting natural light. Sitting at the windowside on the couch.
Looking at my data, the picture has been taken around 2PM. Somewhere in the late summer
I remember the light was very soft at that time. It was pretty cloudy that day and that gave a very beautiful global light She was placed with the window on her left side to add a little bit contrast.
I'm pretty basic in terms of equipment. I used a Canon 5D mk3, combined with an old Canon FD 85mm L 1.2 that was converted with an EF mount (No adapter). I can't see how much the diafragme was, but I think it was shot at 2.0 (The lens doesn't send the data)
It's difficult to say what inspired me to do this picture. I mainly shoot on the go, freestyling, working in a nice atmosphere. When I start shooting, I always go for neutral portraits and see how light falls, how the model is behaving and what I can bring to the table in terms of directions or ideas. I think this is important if you want to have this kind of outcome.
The only processing here is very basic. I worked on the slides in Camera Raw from Photoshop CC. I usualy take one of my personal presets and tweak the fine details. I also used a Sharpening Highpass at 20% and masked out the background. Only to sharpen the model on some areas
In my camera bag
I obviously would like to have a lot more in my bag, but my workhorse is the Canon 5D mark III, combined with my favourite portrait lens and pride. A 45+ years old Canon FD 85mm 1.2 converted to an EF mount. No need of an extra adapter and I don't lose any potential. It's manual focussing, what makes it very difficult to focus correctly with a standard Canon camera. I had to change the Focussing Screen to a Super Focussing Screen. As second lens, I have the Sigma 50mm Art as well. I used it more often in the past, as I mainly use the 85 now. A part from batteries and storagecards, that's the only thing I have in my bag.
I'm bad in giving advice. What I do is try to do the best with what I have. Being simple, but creative. It's better to focus on your model, than on your gear. Look around at the light, the surroundings. Try to find a nice spot and go from there.

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