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Grampy Premium
Grampy October 19, 2023
Beautiful photo! Love it!!
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Behind The Lens


I Have been living in Africa for four years, and recently my parents came to visit me, and as part of the visit we went to Kruger National park, and so my mom spotted this Beauty in a tree, just off the side of the road.


It was quite close to midday


It was quite fortunate that he was in a tree because the lighting was very harsh but because it was shaded it made for a nice photo


I was using a Canon 7D, and a 400mm 2.8 that i Rented from Africa Photographic. (The lens, the body is mine)


I really love taking Photos of Animal, The leopard is defiantly my favorite. I bought my 7d about a year ago and hadn't had a great leopard sighting in that whole year! so when i finally saw this one, and had it all to myself i took as many pictures as i could. If you have never gotten the opportunity to do a safari, i would highly recommend it, looking some of the most dangerous animals in the world in the eyes is exhilarating.


Yeah I did some editing on Lightroom, I don't necessarily have a set thing i do when i edit, i mostly just play around with my photos until it looks beautiful to me.

In my camera bag

I unfortunately am on quite a tight budget so my equipment isn't the "greatest" but i usually have my 7d, my 50mm 1.8 stm (which by the way is cheap and incredible) 24mm ef-s stm 2.8, a shutter release and this sweet travel tripod. But to me I think it's more about having fun and spending time shooting what you love then whats in the bag.


One of the best pieces of advice i read is, take as many photos as possible, and just edit a few that are exceptional. Also shooting wide open makes for some pretty cool pictures when it comes to wildlife (however this isn't always the case.

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