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North Dakota Storm

Love watching storms roll in on the plains of North Dakota.

Love watching storms roll in on the plains of North Dakota.
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laurinovakphoto November 10, 2019
Thanks for the commentS!

Behind The Lens

We were at a friend's farm in North Dakota.
I woke up and looked out the window and saw the storm coming. I grabbed my camera and wandered down the driveway (their driveway is a mile long). It was amazing to watch this roll in. It was around 7:00 am.
Nature's lighting is the best lighting there is, especially during storms. Dramatic and moody just rolled in across the farmland.
I shoot with a Canon 6D and a Canon 17-40mm 4.5L lens. No flash, tripod or anything else here.
I love a good storm and where I live in Illinois I'm surrounded by houses so my views are somewhat limited. My parents were originally from North Dakota and I always loved going up there to see the wide-open spaces, amazing skies and landscapes. Being able to see this unfold and capture some images of it was amazing.
Very little post-processing needed here. Minor adjustments in Lightroom, straightening, removal of dust spots, and a few tweaks to highlights, shadows, whites and blacks was it.
In my camera bag
I travel light, I'm not a gear-hound and only have what I need. That means I normally only have 2 lenses in my bag, my Canon 17-40mm f4.5L lens and my Tamron 100-400 lens and of course my Canon 6D. Many times when I go out shooting I only take one lens. Limiting choices makes shooting much simpler and easier to focus on creating images.
Make sure you're camera is charged, your memory card is empty and you're ready to go at any moment. Being prepared is a big part of capturing storms (or anything really). The light and clouds change every second when storms like this are blowing in.

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