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Aug, 2017

Prism Light

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in our driveway! I knew that the red flowers that grow along the drive would make the perfect contrast with her blue dress - these flowers were in perfect bloom! Just proof that beauty can be found in a multitude of places.
This was a completely unplanned shoot! I had just ordered a light prism a few days before and was so excited to find it in my mailbox just waiting for someone to try it out! Try it out that evening is what we did! This was taken about 5:00 p.m. completely in the shade but with just enough light for me to be able to play with different angles to create different effects.
I knew going into this impromptu shoot that I wanted to not only play with the light effects the prism would give me, but to also play with the colors of the flowers. With the prism placed along the bottom of my lens and the sun at my back I was able to create a bit of a rainbow band with a nice reflection of the sky along the bottom of the image.
Sony A6000, 35mm lens and a light prism were the only pieces of equipment used.
I've seen many inspiring images on Viewbug using light prims and couldn't wait to try this technique out myself! I wanted to see what I could come up with using different angles and placements of the prism. One of my favorite things to do while shooting is to try and create something unique and different that will ultimately lead to a bit of a "wow" moment. Once you have your core idea in place, everything else just follows en suite.
I first opened the image up in LR and played with the tone cure while muting the highlights just a bit. Once I had that where I wanted it, I opened it in PS to use a bit of frequency separation on the skin as well as used the gradient tool to darken the top two corners.
In my camera bag
Aside from camera, lenses and clothes, I like to carry an assortment of gadgets to bend and manipulate light and surfaces. I have my light prism, a convex curve lens, a small clear pipe and my newest addition a spray bottle!
Light is always changing! Don't be afraid to chase it and to change WITH it! If you want to try different light manipulations, don't give up! The more angles you try - bottom of the lens, top of the lens, side of the lens... - the more choices you'll be left with in post production. Pay attention to your surroundings. If there is a line of trees to the side, use it; reflect it! If there is a vast ocean - use it - create even more negative space! Get those reflections, capture and command the light!

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