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On safari in Tanzania we were blessed to watch this lion family. Experiencing animals in the wild, natural environment is a true gift....
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On safari in Tanzania we were blessed to watch this lion family. Experiencing animals in the wild, natural environment is a true gift.
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BrianBasson PRO+
BrianBasson September 09, 2017
I love this image.
animalartist PRO+
animalartist September 12, 2017
Totally charming!
almaking October 09, 2017
neat,nice job.
Mspradlin October 09, 2017
Anba October 19, 2017
Beautiful!!! Well done!
Arzhtatiana PRO
Arzhtatiana March 13, 2018
Nice work!
davidparkhurst March 13, 2018
Very good
Caz6969 March 14, 2018
Flinforth PRO
Flinforth March 15, 2018
Absolutely amazing!
Indigo_Mac March 15, 2018
Love this shot!
ambermundy March 19, 2018
Omg.. What an amazing shot..
margaretcumming February 25, 2019
superb shot.

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Behind The Lens

This was taken on my first African Safari in Tanzania.
We were fortunate to be able to stay out all day instead of having to drive back to camp for lunch. This was taken mid day and the sun supplied a lovely little catch light in their eyes and a warm glow. Although early and late light are preferred, while traveling there often is little choice.
It would be nice if we had full control of lighting all the time, but we all know that while traveling it simply is not possible. We are where we are, when we are and must do the best with what we have at the moment. Doing your best with camera settings and good exposure helps with some post processing to enhance the light.
I had just gotten my very first DSLR a few months before this amazing trip and I was very nervous about being able to use it. So I shot on program mode. Due to the strict limitations of bags and weight, I did not bring a tripod or external flash. People are not allowed out of the vehicles, so you must rely on your own ability to steadily hand hold the camera and use the small bean bags that can rest on the vehicle. Bringing two camera bodies with short and longs lens, lots of cards and batteries was the answer.
Wildlife provides a unique moment in time that must meet with preparation. The camera setting must be correct, in hand, ready to shoot, just in case that special moment reveals itself. My very first African Safari inspired me to never pass up an opportunity to return. You may get “better” photos at the zoo, but the excitement of the search, find and capture of the moment is unmatched.
As my equipment and skills advance I sometimes revisit images to improve the post-processing. At times I look back on old images and say”…what was I thinking when I did That!” In this image I blurred the background a bit more to help hold the attention on the faces.
In my camera bag
As I get older, my bag gains weight and my arms and back get much weaker. Wish I had an assistant! My Canon 40D is no longer with me. It was replaced with the Canon 7D which is so wonderful for wildlife due to the fast frames per second. I love it so much that I got a second 7D. On safari I have with me at all times my two Canon 7D bodies, one with the EFL 24-105 lens and the other a Sigma 150-600 lens. These are upgrades from the lenses I used for this shot, but carrying both a short and long lens are essential for me most of the time.
Awareness! Patience is not one of my strong assets anymore. So while waiting for those special moments it’s important to stay aware of all your surroundings. Look for wide landscapes, small details, anything that catches your eye until that amazing moment appears. Try not to change your setting too far from what you really need because you probable won’t have time to get set up again while the wild life is moving and your adrenaline level spikes. Not everyone can go on safari, so substitute your favor animal, place and subject to capture the magical moments presented too you.

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