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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at the Arizona Renaissance Festival which was full of renaissance era costumed people and luckily a partially overcast day which provided perfect lighting
After spending the majority of the day walking around with a photographer friend of mine taking lots of candid photos around 5 30 pm on February 26 2017 we happened upon this beautiful young woman. I watched her camera at the ready for the perfect moment to snap for what turned out to be this winner.
As you may or may not know the mid day Arizona sun is usually not a great time to take natural light photos. Luck was with us this day as it was slightly overcast and late enough in the afternoon to get the soft warm light before sunset. A little fine tuning to add a subtle vignette and some slight brightening on her face using lightroom added the finishing touches
I used a sony a99 full frame camera with a tamron 70 - 200 zoom lens at 200 mm f6.3 and a shutterspeed of 1/100 second and iso at 200
I went to the Renaissance Fair with the intent of taking photos of the many shows, volunteer performers and other visitors who come in costumes of the period. I took over 400 pictures that day. I like and have developed a knack for taking candid type head shots. It's all a matter of knowing when to squeeze that shutter. I am a retired Info Technology manager who has always been interested in photography. Now with lots of time to spend on photography I have improved my skilled and also teach a couple of photography classes at an art center..
I am a firm believer of using post processing to improve the photos I take. I have taught myself Adobe Lightroom and have become quite proficient in its use and have developed my knowledge and abilities with composition, color and lighting. This image was intentionally shot with a 200 mm lens to intentionally blur the background and get a nice close up featuring the beauty and grace of this young woman. I basically just did a very tiny amount of brightening to her head and face and vignette the surrounding background area to darken it to make her stand out.
In my camera bag
I never know what to take but It's always my camera and typically a couple of zoom lenses a 24 x 70 and a 70 x 200, spare battery, a tripod and sometimes a neutral density filter to block the sun..
Taking candid portraits is mostly a matter of patience, observation, and knowing when to squeeze the shutter. While you are observing look for expression, the eyes often tell a story, or add some mystery or attitude. It is also important to pay attention to the surroundings and what else is in the frame and shooting at a high zoom helps by blurring out the background while adding a nice bokeh. Practice on kids, they move around a lot, change facial expressions and you can really develop that sense of timing as to when to squeeze that shutter.

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