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Behind The Lens

Ayscoughfee hall & gardens, Spalding, Lincolnshire.
this was taken during a mid morning shoot in the gardens, it was a weekday and there were very few people around giving us quite a bit of freedom to move around without too much interuption.
The lighting happened to fall quite nice and flat it was a dull overcast day which prevented the need to mess around with flash or reflectors, it was however quite cool and not best to be stood about inactive for too long.
image was taken using my Nikond750 with a Sigma 70 - 200 f2.8 handheld
I had seen photo's of this model before on purpleport and she is local to me, I liked her look with the bleach blonde buzz cut and tattoo's, I had this idea to completely change the way people saw her from the edgy and quite aggressive perception people get to something much more elegant and serene, hence the quiet gardens,the long evening dress and violin, I wanted to show her softer side, the butterflys escaping as music was just an idea that came to me as I was editing the image and it felt it accentuated the whole ethos of my idea of tranquility and peacefulness from this tattooed skinhead.
image was converted from RAW adding a slight vignette to focus the attention on the model, the butterflys and burst of light escaping from the violin were added using photoshop elements 15.
In my camera bag
I use a Nikon D750 coupled with either Youngnuo 35mm or 50mm lens, I also use Tamron 35 - 70 f2.8 std zoom and a Sigma 70 - 200 f2.8 telephoto zoom. I carry a Nikon SB700 flash and a collapsible 5 in 1 reflector.
Pre plan your shoot well with venue in mind, think about time of day how the lighting will be and how busy it will be, do you have privacy will the model need to change,are there toilets nearby, do you need permission to shoot there? Also pre shoot communication with the model will make things so much more productive rather than trying to explain on the day, this way they will already have ideas in mind of what you are trying to achieve and good models will be able to add ideas and assist in the creative process. Be considerate to others if working in a public space and hopefully they will afford the same in return. Be prepared to change everything and have a plan B as sometimes you get to a venue with all your outfits, ideas and model and it can be packed with tourists or a field trip, the weather can turn instantly from perfect to wind and rain within minutes (I live in England).

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