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25 Comments | Report
michaelearle September 07, 2017
Steve002 September 07, 2017
Is this a freak show or a photo contest? I am sick of seeing these sickly sweet prostitute photos showing a little bare shoulder with creepy little pleading seductive fingers clawing at her hair. YUK!
Next we'll see some albinos in washed out photos or something totally ridiculous like that. lol

These contest are just a joke. I wont be paying any more money to this organisation next year.
mayawilson September 07, 2017
Obviously, Steve, most people don't feel the same way, seeing that this photo was voted best this month out of thousands of submissions. Bit harsh to call this young woman a prostitute...
The colors in this photo are absolutely riveting! It is simplistic yet your completely captured by her eyes and drawn into the details of everything else. It's a wonderful shot!
Jaygood September 07, 2017
i dont get this at all........ colour saturation set to fookin max ! with foliage colours not found in nature. ' WT - actual - F ' ?????
ashlibrookephotography PRO
ashlibrookephotography September 07, 2017
I personally do not think this image is deserving of any praise or contest win. What a waste.
anders_samuelsson PRO
anders_samuelsson September 07, 2017
Congratulations on image of the month. Well deserved!
CarolBabs Premium
CarolBabs September 07, 2017
I have found this site to be more of a popularity contest than actual critiques of photos. I did a little test and when I followed people and liked their photos, they followed me and liked my photos. When I stopped, the looks and likes stopped. Very disappointed.
PSD9253 September 07, 2017
That's a Beautiful ! Very nice.
VisualeyePhotoArt September 07, 2017
I personally don't like over saturation, but art is art and if this is what the artist wanted to portray and won an award then i will say congratulations. Not all art are technically correct... to each it's own
kerrylynncordier PRO
kerrylynncordier September 07, 2017
Not sure why this was voted photo of the month. Very little imagination went into this photo.
paultomkinson_6768 September 07, 2017
Congratulations Lisa. You should feel proud of yourself.
jamesb_photografy PRO+
jamesb_photografy September 07, 2017
to the haters out there, keep trying. congratulations Lisa. Stopped me in my tracks.
lightcaster September 07, 2017
Dang, these comments are harsh. Why the hate? Anyways, congratz for the win! I personally like the colors used for this and how simple it is, the entire focus is on her eyes and hair. Good job!
johnhoward PRO+
johnhoward September 07, 2017
Your work is magical, it too my breath away. Thank you for the inspiration..
johnhoward PRO+
johnhoward September 07, 2017
Steve002 what are you so mad about. It so obvious that you are crying out for help.
Good luck. And Lisa dont waist you time on Steve, he has no ideal how to judge your work.
JohnCookPhotography PRO+
JohnCookPhotography September 07, 2017
scottchapman September 07, 2017
Firstly Congrats Lisa

New to all of this really, but when is a photo not called a photo anymore? So many photos on here are so enhanced, edited are the actually pictures anymore... wheres the line?
GlimpseLens September 08, 2017
Obviously it 's a beautiful photo but is it unique? No. A little too heavily edited as well, I think. Still, congratulations I suppose.
Mayank_J September 08, 2017
RoyNorthumbrian September 09, 2017
Is this not what art is all about ? Yes it's been worked and in my opinion very well but that's my opinion! Everyone has their own and no one is either right or wrong, it's entirely in the eye of the beholder .
malcolm_hough September 09, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
LisaAnfisa September 13, 2017
Thanks all of us!
MontyCraig PRO+
MontyCraig September 20, 2017
After seeing her body of work, this wasn't just a lucky shot that was overworked. She is an excellent portrait photographer. While this isn't my pick of her work, she is quite a talented photographer!
MontyCraig PRO+
MontyCraig September 20, 2017
Oh! and I did see an albino person in her work shot in High Key, and the photos were stunning! My .02 worth.
edj41 PRO
edj41 April 30, 2018
A beautiful capture of a beautiful woman! Love your work!

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