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An old outhouse toilet in the middle of nowhere.

An old outhouse toilet in the middle of nowhere.
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Sandyjeff PRO+
Sandyjeff December 14, 2019
Congratulations on winning my challenge! Great photo!
BuddyBob December 14, 2019
Wow, none of my replies to these comments in messenger show up here! Makes it look like I'm ignoring good people with good intent. Thanks again Sandyjeff, Red SkyPhotos, and Sapphire912. I seen some really nice images while voting in this Challenge. Loved People's Choice!

Behind The Lens

This image was captured on a remote country road in Russell County, Virginia.
I believe it was Mid morning, before the fog burnt off.
The low morning sunlight, mixed with small clouds of fog, gave me a diffusion of available light which enhanced contrast but ample for both foreground and background detail.
I used a Canon Rebel XS with the EOS 18-55 kit lens, hand held. This was my first DSLR.
I'm cruising a remote country road, with no houses in site, yet here was this outhouse, in a field with no other structures around. It was worth pondering the purpose. :0)
I shoot RAW, so I processed it with Adobe Camera Raw, then edited it with PSE9. This was my first DSLR, and I was just beginning to learn digital photography.
In my camera bag
I've since upgraded to a Canon 7D. I carry only two lenses.. My Canon EF 70-200mm 1.28L IS II, sometimes coupled with the Canon EF 2X III Extender if I'm shooting wildlife or close ups on flowers. And for landscapes I have a Canon EF 17-40mm 1:4 L USM ultra wide. I have two Tiffany filters..a circular polarizing.. and a graduated neutral density. A Canon remote shutter switch. Spare batteries and SD cards. And of course a cleaning kit. I use a Manfrotto 055CXPRO3, with a Manfrotto 327 RC2 head for nearly all of my work.
About the best advice for someone wishing to capture an image such as this is keep your eyes open and your camera within reach. Keep all the rules of composition in mind, but don't be afraid to break those rules. It costs nothing to push the shutter button, so allow yourself time for experimentation with all 3 components of the exposure triangle until you get the desired results which best represents the image in your mind's eye.

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