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Alwolfe August 03, 2017
Wonderful reflection!
Ivar-Ola August 04, 2017
Thank's a lot! That afternoon/evening the light changed colour form golden to read within an hour. The lake was plain as a mirror, or with tiny waves. So I gor many good shots that day.
billgardam November 08, 2017
So many of your images remind me of our own Canadian landscape and of course in the tradition of the early Nordic landscape painters that went on to influence our own Group of 7 Canadian artists.
Ivar-Ola November 08, 2017
I've been to canada in 1983 to the Worls Scout jamborre in Calgary. We travelled by bus to Vancouver, but have fog through Rocky Mountains. So I know a little about the Canadian landscape. But i didn't know that Canadian artist was influenced by the Nordic landscape painters. This photo is from the same area that i live, about 15 kilometers from my house. I see it everyday on my way to work. This day the light changed from golden and blue to dark red within an hour.

Sunset at Våg, Enebakk, Norway





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