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davidparkhurst April 13, 2018
So very good
marcbaechtold PRO+
marcbaechtold May 13, 2018
cool photograph with nice details and good contrasts, keep shooting!
mattiasam PRO
mattiasam Feb 14
amazing shot!i have somebsurf photo on my profile that u might like!check them out if you have time!

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Behind The Lens

This particular shot was taken on the cliffs of Porthtowan, Cornwall. It was a day of heavy waves where only the brave ventured into the sea.
It was about midday, when this photo was taken,l. The sun was at its peak, and each wave was casting a shadow as the barrels crashed into the surface of the sea.
It was those shadows that helped to create the contrast on the bottom right of the sea surface. The sun, however, blazed down creating lush greens and turquoise hues within the ocean foam.
I shot this using my standard Sony A7R, a 50mm fix lens and some brave cliff edge dangling.
The sea is a constant source of inspiration to me. Its ever changing moods, mean that every day is different. Be it playing in the waves on a summers day l, and two foot waves, to the brisk walks on stormy days, with wild jaws of ocean spray crashing into rocks; it never fails to impress me with its beauty.
Very little post processing was done. I slightly altered the contrast of the image, drawing out the shadows.
In my camera bag
I shoot with the Sony and mainly the 50mm. I occasionally take my 70 to 200 lens too. Fitted with Gobe polarizing filters.
Safety first. Cliff edges can be very dangerous. Make sure you know it well or ask locals prior to stepping to the edge. Apart from that, choose your days. Wait for the perfect winds, blowing in the right direction. I shoot on speed setting, shooting four or five shots per crashing wave at high speed; this is to ensure you freeze the right moment.

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