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Jul, 2017

Rainy Night

Took this Photo last year in september 2016 for a friend's car wrapping company in my village.

We planned the shooting for some of his cars already some weeks before, but at the day it took place wasn't very good. Weather was very unstable and the location we had wasn't really good for what I planned before, but didn't wanted to crash the plan and started anyway.

The first shots we took from another car in an old workshop of a friends window company, tried some different stuff, but wasn' completely pleased with it. Got some good image's, but still wanted something more remarkable to put the wrapping foil good in scene.

Later that evening it started to rain. I was planning some water/splash shots with a car long time before, but wanted to spray the water myself to control it better, but used the chance to use the natural rain, experiment a little bit and see how it looks.

The outside wall of the workshop was very clean silver metal. But with a own set lightsource through a flash and the ripple's of the metal it looked quite interesting, but still a clean background which not distract's the view from the car.

For the car itself I tried really much angles to flash the foil to get a good look and it also took some time to flash it correct to get a nice reflection in the water on the floor and at the end also the merging in photoshop was a lot work and trying to get a not to much fake look, but still wanted that the car and the foil pop out good.

At the end of a lot work which was absolutely worth it and I don't regret to spend a lot time in the rain, getting wet and freezing some time, trying a lot of different flash options and angles to get to this final image.

Shot with a Nikon D800 and created with several exposures through Photoshop CS4

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