The soul of a tulip..... ヅ

July 25th 2017
My unique abstract art! Okayyyy.. addicted.. LOL!!! :):)

Jus another fun abstract creation for our new little on-goin'...
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July 25th 2017
My unique abstract art! Okayyyy.. addicted.. LOL!!! :):)

Jus another fun abstract creation for our new little on-goin' group series !!! I like doin' mine with the before and after shots.. so you see exactly what original shot i'm using! Somethin' different. Thanks Rain for the input-opinion as well as to whether I should keep the original shot on here for y'all to see !! <3 :):)

I want to send a BIG thank you for the huge number of views I get on each of my pictures, and for those that follow me through my inspiration feed everyday. It truly shows I've got art-pictures worth lookin' at and that alone is so inspirin' and humbling!! It speaks volumes, thank you!!
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JasonStephens July 25, 2017
Fujiguy PRO+
Fujiguy July 25, 2017
Great image creation. I am on the road now so I can't do any more
To show ya. I have several cool ones that I posted elsewhere. Many tries when I get back with Fall color shots.
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 July 25, 2017
So pretty. I love the details!
micfos July 26, 2017
killer colours, wow so vibrant ! definitely beautiful !
PhilFromNB July 26, 2017
Very nice!! :)
onyanita PRO+
onyanita July 27, 2017
gorgeous !
gatorchaser July 28, 2017
now this is pretty creative...
Capture-Life August 12, 2017
Thank you SO much, my dear :):)
EdithNero July 28, 2017
So beautiful work
JVendetti July 31, 2017
I love the title and seeing the before photo which is outstanding! This is beautiful!!!
Jasman2016 August 02, 2017
Isn't this amazing and I love the insert original as well, the colours are just stunning as always keep em coming :)
SuzMDixon PRO
SuzMDixon August 03, 2017
Beautiful! I love that you show the original shot as well as it shows how the technique works!
lpray3 August 04, 2017
These are so GREAT! Killing it as always - Awesome!
A_B_digital PRO
A_B_digital August 06, 2017
This is so full of light and colour, it really lifts my spirit. A wonderful creation, Steph.
JulesB August 14, 2017
All your swirls are gorgeous...well done again !!!

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