Cikabum November 29, 2017
Amazing. If I'm not asking too much, do you recall what lens did you used? Cheers.
ducuduck November 29, 2017
Great one!
Forrest_Imagery November 29, 2017
Outstanding work !
Vivid and eye-catching.
The incredible detail, clarity and saturation give the image an almost 3-D effect.
JDLifeshots November 29, 2017
Beautiful! Congrats.
kathyk_abq November 29, 2017
Very eye-catching - great colors! The focus stacking certainly made this sharp!
talyaculbertson November 30, 2017
This is beautiful! Those colors are stunning! Would you mind sharing the lens you used?
Alwolfe December 02, 2017
Really gorgeous!
mihrt December 02, 2017
Amazing detail, colour and quality of light. Congrats on being a Finalist in Macro Patterns Photo Contest !
urvashi25gupta December 03, 2017
Beautifull :)
maxrittner December 20, 2017
Thank you
Byronfairphotography December 25, 2017
Beautiful color / Voted
Katnott Jan 05
Love this ! such a great shot!
cahit Apr 06
vegaslady94 Sep 19
Great shot
Julia_137 Oct 06
Great picture! Come and check out a few of mine sometime 😄
Amazing capture! Great detail and the colors are beautiful!
sharonotero Nov 30
Absolutely gorgeous!
Like a photographic painting - pure magic

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Jul, 2017

Focus Stack Daisy

Thank you all for your comments and likes; really makes my day.

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Won Contest Finalist in Bright Colors In Nature Photo ContestDecember, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Macro And Patterns Photo ContestNovember, 2017


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Behind The Lens

This image was captured in a controlled environment, on a tabletop in my lounge-room.
I noticed for some time a low growing plant in my garden that that had been flowering. Beautiful flowers. It was early one morning when I thought I should capture an image of this freshly opening specimen.
The lounge-room has a large window that allowed a lot of diffused morning light in to illuminate the area where I had placed the flower in a very small vase, small enough to secure this single flower rather well.
As I mentioned earlier the flower was supported in a vase but I had passed the stem through a yellow paper towel. Yellow was chosen, as it was a good contrasting color to the flower. I mounted a Tamron 90mm macro-lens to my Canon 6D which was supported on a tripod. In addition to the sunlight passing through the window I utilized a single, off-camera flash.
Well, I liked to capture a truly sharp image of the flower and to do this with the macro lens I planned to focus stack several images. The lens was refocused through several shots and various depths into the scene..
Haha, yes, a little work in the processing. Minor adjustments were made in Lightroom, lens correction and tweaking the images. Then these half a dozen images were saved as jpg's and uploaded into Photoshop and focus-stacked.
In my camera bag
I like to travel heavy, if you have the equipment take it with you or you may regret it. So, I have crop-frame and full-frame Canon, macro, prime and zoom lenses, 2-3 off camera flash units, light stands and light modifiers, and a sturdy tall tripod. Many a time I will take into work one camera varying the type of lens from time to time to capture scenes in my daily travels. Though sometimes I may just enjoy the view and not take a shot at all.
Advice on shooting a flower or other interesting item and focus-stacking. Shoot the item as flat-on a possible, choose contrasting colors, de-clutter the scene and be patient. Enjoy!

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