Springbok Classic Air

Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa
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donnaclausen September 14, 2017
A fellow South African? Love the photo regardless. The two buzzers in the sky, and the graceful old lady on the ground.
marcbaechtold PRO+
marcbaechtold May 14, 2018
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DNproSTUDIO Sep 06
nice photo shot for the aeroplane

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken at an air show at the Waterkloof Airforce Base in Pretoria, South Africa. It's an old image of mine from (I think) 2013.
It would've been late morning or close to noon. Thankfully it was a cloudy day, which softened the harsh mid-day light somewhat.
As it was a cloudy, but bright day, the lighting was purely as available and I had no control over it. In post-processing, I managed to recover enough cloud detail to reach a nicely balanced, even light.
I recall that it was taken with my Olympus E-P2, which was my lightweight camera of choice at the time. I don't have access to the EXIF data at the moment (I'm on the road in Croatia), but I had to use a zoom lens as the DC3 was parked some distance away on the runway. It was shot hand-held without any flash.
I'm not really an aviation photographer, but went along anyway to try and find something interesting to shoot. After attempting a few detail shots of some of the interesting aircraft on display, this DC3 caught my eye where it was parked in the distance. The two Harvards passing by overhead was sheer luck of the moment.
My usual processing involve tweeking the raw file in full colour in Lightroom. I managed tomrecover a satisfactory amount of cloud detail from the bright original file before converting to black and white in Nik Software Silver Efex Pro using one of my own presets. Some final tweeking back in Lightroom finished the image off.
In my camera bag
I've used many cameras over the years, but since Street and Travel is my main photographic obsession, have scaled down dramatically to simplify my bag. Today my main camera is a Leica Q (with standard 28mm fixed lens) and sometimes still my Fuji X100s (standard 35mm lens) with a 28mm converter lens. The Fuji is a lot more pocketable without the converter lens and I tend to carry that around more often for incidental shooting than the much bulkier Leica. I rarely (to never) use a tripod or flash. I travel with a canvass Ona Prince Street bag. Also indispensable, specifically when I travel, is my iPad Air 2 for on-the-road processing and posting.
Would love to be able to give some valuable advice, but regret that there are many better aviation photographers here at Viewbug who have refined their art much better than me. This was a lucky shot. Guess it pays to just keep your eyes and ears open and always be ready to capture that one-shot opportunity.

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