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July 15th 2017
I'm postin' this oldie for a contest, that I'm hoping is still open bahahaa! :):) Rest In Peace my precious boy dog (pass...
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July 15th 2017
I'm postin' this oldie for a contest, that I'm hoping is still open bahahaa! :):) Rest In Peace my precious boy dog (passed July 11th 2015-Canine prostate cancer)

I want to send a BIG thank you for the huge number of views I get on each of my pictures, and for those that follow me through my inspiration feed everyday. It truly shows I've got art-pictures worth lookin' at and that alone is so inspirin' and humbling!! It speaks volumes, thank you!!
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24 Comments | Report
ManintheHatPhotography July 15, 2017
Awwwww!! So adorable!
Eddieuuu071 Premium
Eddieuuu071 July 15, 2017
It's so hard to lose a pet! They are your most loyal companion and listen to all you problems without making stupid comments! Sorry for your loss!
Vince542 Premium
Vince542 July 15, 2017
Brilliant shot #1
micfos PRO
micfos July 15, 2017
Aaawww very cute in every aspect :) what a precious moment! :))
JVendetti July 15, 2017
Very sweet photo!!! Hugs!!!
Mishra_NK July 15, 2017
Very cute... Awesome capture of emotions....
JulesB July 16, 2017
Contest or not ...that's already a winner...priceless!!
SoulShutter July 16, 2017
What a wonderful shot Dimps sad when one parts with a loved one, but what great memories you must have the little girl your daughter ? a wonderful edit and good luck with the competition ...Bonzo=0)))
tongant PRO+
tongant July 16, 2017
A wonderful moment captured for eternity, happy memories are precious!!
bordershots July 17, 2017
Great photo....nothing like the friendship between a pet dog and a kiddo, and keep their memory alive is what photography can do for us.
PhilFromNB July 17, 2017
Sweet memories :)
SuzMDixon PRO
SuzMDixon July 18, 2017
So very sweet! What a gorgeous little girl - and beautiful dog!
cindybucholz July 18, 2017
Such a sweet photo! I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet!!
Wildslater July 19, 2017
To cute!
Daisy00 Premium
Daisy00 July 19, 2017
Dalecga PRO+
Dalecga July 22, 2017
Nothing nicer than seeing the love between a child and a dog. Great capture.
petercundill PRO+
petercundill July 22, 2017
I agree that is a winner hands down! Precious moment in time, gorgeous photo Steph and superb capture. :0)
Wildslater July 22, 2017
She has gotten so big!! And so pretty!!!!
ziggyzoo52 July 24, 2017
What a lovely photograph
Marylee8797 PRO+
Marylee8797 July 25, 2017
Love this....!!!
A_B_digital PRO
A_B_digital August 06, 2017
This is a really sweet picture of pure love. The little girl's face says it all. So emotional, Steph, and a lovely keepsake of a departed friend.
AnitaHogue PRO+
AnitaHogue August 14, 2017
So so sweet! Oh how we miss our four legged children!
Esilva77 September 14, 2017
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 September 27, 2017

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