Jacqui3 July 14, 2017
Gorgeous photo.
Ejronin July 14, 2017
Love the tones and subject material here. Very calm and yet detailed.
p_eileenbaltz October 30, 2017
Extraordinary work!
kjoya Mar 02
love-in-a-mist :)
Capture-Life Mar 02
Aawww LOOOVE this !! I love those flowers.. and I love dandelions (wishes!!) FAVE !! :):) Congrats, my friend !!!
Elyzabeth Mar 03
marniebee Mar 20
I have photos of these flowers on my page. I absolutely LOVE them. This is stunning! ??

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Jul, 2017


Flowers and dandelion in my backyard

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in my front garden. In early spring these flowers (Nigella Damascena) come out among the fields of dandelion seedlings.
This image was taken at around 9 am on a cool spring morning. At this time the sunshine is gently sipping through my front garden and you get little speckles of dancing shimmering light.
I have found that my macro work generally looks better with early morning natural light. I love having dark backgrounds with small amounts of light sipping through highlighting some detail on my subjects.
Most of my macro work, including this image, is shot with a Canon 100mm F2.8L lens on a Canon 5D Mark IV. This particular image was shot at F3.2. I generally do not shoot with a tripod because I find it a bit restricting.
I wanted to highlight the different beautiful textures of these flowers. I love how the Nigellas look like they are on floating clouds. On this day, the light was perfect and I had my camera with me, so I seized the moment.
The post processing done on this image, consisted of some adjustments using curve layers in Photoshop. Some layers darkened the background while masking the flowers and some layers lightened just the subject to introduce a little more detail on the petals of the flower.
In my camera bag
In my backpack I have my Canon Macro lens (100mm f2.8) which also works great as a portrait lens. I also have a Canon 35mm f2.8 prime, a nifty 50 (Canon 50mm f1.8), a Canon 24-105mm F4, a Canon 70-200mm f4 and a Lens baby with different attachments. I have a Manfrotto tripod which I hardly use, unless I'm shooting landscapes and as mentioned before, my camera body is a Canon 5d Mark IV.
For macro work, I recommend to go low, laying on the ground and looking at your garden from that angle gives you a different perspective than what we are normally used to. Early morning natural light is beautiful and soft on flowers. I find that darker backgrounds make your subject pop. With post processing, I find it is a matter of finding a balance between the background, the subject and the foreground. I prefer to start dark in the background and lighter in the foreground to create depth. In general, although following the rules of composition is useful, I tend to shoot things that attract my eye. If its beautiful/ interesting to me then I shoot it. Trust your instincts!

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