Maastoren Rotterdam

The Maastom is with it's 165m one of the tallest buildings in the Netherlands

The Maastom is with it's 165m one of the tallest buildings in the Netherlands
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RickL PRO+
RickL March 28, 2019
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Behind The Lens

In Rotterdam at the spoorweghaven
Just after sunset is the best time to take these photo; the blue hour. Be prepared or you will miss it.
Last light of the day after the sunset is the best. I love the blue hour. Becarefull with the direction, this will have a big effect on the blue of the sky. (Sun in the back or towards the place were the sun has set..
For this photo I used a tripod, camera, 10-20 lens on a crop camera Sony a77 an the self exposure
The location and the building, with the water. A long exposure would give a nice effect in the sky and smoothen the water.
I did some post processing in Lightroom. Nothing special, highlights, shadow, etc.
In my camera bag
I always have an sd card hidden in my bag, you know why ;) An extra lens, but for these picture I usualy use my wide angle. I also have an ND filter and my tripod with me. For safety, I have a cheap raincover, just in case and I do not want my camera to get too wet when taking that last photo and it start to rain softly.
If you do your homework, you will not have to look for a good spot to take a picture. You can go straight to that spot when the time is right and save time loking for a great shot. You can use an app for the position of the sunset or remember the places that you have seen by daylight that could be great candidates. Or look at other profiles for inspirational places.In the end we all go to the same places, but be creative in your composition or edit.

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