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Behind The Lens

Last year I was traveling time to time to Poland for the business. Working till the end of day almost. After all I was taking my camera, rent car and visiting some places around. The shot was taken in the Wielkopolskie area where years ago was coal open pit mine. Local administration did some tribute for the people and machines who worked there over years before closure.
Shot was taken when day was coming to the end. And entire area was covered by pretty cloudly sky. Just staying there and getting what end of the day is giving and enjoying the view shared with old coal open pit mine excavator.
Nothing special I would say. Just trying to get sharp shot while day was coming to the end and to get not so noisy shot I did not increase ISO in purpose. The most important thing in that case was to find suitable angle to get what I was thinking to get, means really nice view of coal open pit mine excavator.
I did use my old fellow means NIKON D90 and Sigma 17-70. No tripod or any other special tools were used in that case.
Beauty of the industrial surrounding I have seen travelling around after coming back to the hotel. I could not resist the beauty of this place.
In that particular shot I just enhanced colours to reflect what I saw that time. And of course vignette to let the recipient concentrate on coal open pit mine excavator.
In my camera bag
Well, I use my second fellow during my travels means case logic backpack. Nothing special inside. I am not professional. So, I use one set: NIKON D90 + Sigma 17-70. That's enough. Of course not forgetting about the snacks.
Wherever you go take the camera with you. They are saying that we have golden hours to make the pictures. Maybe, but I do not stick to this so often. Simply, try to make as many shots as possible in every time of the day. You do not need sunny day. Cloudly one is even more interesting. Night as well. Think about the shot before. Living in the same place by some time it is very easy to know when or what happens with the scene you see every day, every night . What crop, position you are going to use. You can easily check it each day and use is for the best shot. That will make your life easier. Do not give up, never. If not this time maybe next, you are living there don't you. Do not lose the opportunity. Inthis kind of condition you will have another chance every day, every night. And remember that's not equipment is making you photographer. That's you, only you. Limited equipment is making you more creative. So, go, take the shots and share them with others.

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