Our summa grillin' and chillin' ..... ヅ

June 17th 2017
Summa is a state of mind ... with a cold drink !! :):)

Sheeesh.. the pictures here on VB upload so much more blurry-ish (le...
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June 17th 2017
Summa is a state of mind ... with a cold drink !! :):)

Sheeesh.. the pictures here on VB upload so much more blurry-ish (less quality) than other Photography websites I'm on. Big difference .. lol !! Lets FIX this please :):)

I want to send a BIG thank you for the huge number of views I get on each of my pictures, and for those that follow me through my inspiration feed everyday. It truly shows I've got art-pictures worth lookin' at and that alone is so inspirin' and humbling!! It speaks volumes, thank you!!
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Dalecga PRO+
Dalecga June 17, 2017
Gotta love a Weber..... just like mine. Nice grilling space!
JVendetti June 17, 2017
This is stunning!!! Love the edit!!! Gorgeous!!!
Ambient360 June 17, 2017
This is so you. Good on you. :)
SquareLife June 18, 2017
Nice !
micfos PRO
micfos June 18, 2017
Can't beat a BBQ in summer, it's a way of life ! I rekon many a story has been told whilst doing some grillin ! :))
adavies PRO
adavies June 18, 2017
Fantastic! Looks so inviting...I just wanna go hang out there for a while! :)
Capture-Life June 19, 2017
Well come on over, A !!! I'll keep your seat open for you !! :):)
MicktheGreek PRO+
MicktheGreek June 18, 2017
Phew, I am so glad it is a Viewbug problem! I just came back from the pub where I had a quick twelve beers and looking at the photo I thought there was something wrong with me. Everything looked blur...
SoulShutter June 19, 2017
Now that is me a chefs dream !!! nice shot Dimps..
SuzMDixon PRO
SuzMDixon June 19, 2017
How inviting - that is a serious looking BBQ! I love all the pots on the wall! :))
A_B_digital PRO
A_B_digital June 23, 2017
Methinks you take your BBQ quite seriously, Steph. With a setup like this, why would you ever want to cook indoors? All you need is a cool box, a hammock and a sound system, and you could live here :)
robhansen June 28, 2017
Awesome !! Heaps of fun times there !! : ) Love it.
Vince542 Premium
Vince542 July 01, 2017
Fabulous!!!! so inviting!!!
PhilFromNB July 02, 2017
Wow!! Cozy spot!

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