Orca hunting

Orca hunting sea lions on the beaches of Patagonia

Orca hunting sea lions on the beaches of Patagonia
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davidparkhurst March 24, 2018
Very good
eddiaz March 24, 2018
wow! great capture!!!
FateFilms March 25, 2018
Great photo.... fucked up for the sea lion
OrcinusFotograffy March 25, 2018
Doubt if that's a sea lion, but the seal is definitely having a bad day
natephilo March 27, 2018
What an insane capture! If this isn't photoshopped then kudos on your instinct on choosing a locale to get this!
philnielsen March 29, 2018
Wow! I have never seen an orca hunt that close to shore. great capture
vicki_porter December 14, 2018
wow! such a lucky capture
So high on my bucket list! Amazing to see let alone capture so well...and it is a sea lion pup...

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Behind The Lens

Punta Norte on the Peninsula Valdes in Argentina - it's the only place in the world where orcas have learned to hunt for sea lions on the beach.
it's a late afternoon shot - you basically wait until the animals are ready to hunt and hope to be in the right place
natural light - nothing worth mentioning since light can't be controlled outside
Olympus E-5 with a Zuiko 400mm zoom. Hand held. Tripod would be far too slow to react when the orcas appear.
no inspiration necessary - as far as wildlife goes there is hardly anything better than this. Just being there is such a unique experience and coming home with such an image is just the icing on the cake.
for wildlife I do only minimal processing, getting the horizon straight, cropping for better placement of the subject. And then just midlly on colors and contrast.
In my camera bag
I usually travel light. Very light. One camera with one lens. Spare battery just in case. And a ND filter should I feel inclined to work with intentional camera movement during the day. For evening and night work I add a tripod and a zoom lens should there be a chance for wildlife.
to get this particular picture you need to be in this one location and be ready to wait. Hours, days, weeks.

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