Good Night West Papua

This was taken in Raja Ampat near the island village called Arborek. Best sunset I have seen in my life.

This was taken in Raja Ampat near the island village called Arborek. Best sunset I have seen in my life.
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JDLifeshots August 06, 2017
Gorgeous capture. Congrats!
jwilbur August 07, 2017
Thank you!
edrobson Premium
edrobson August 06, 2017
Wonderful. Congrats on the win!
jwilbur August 06, 2017
Thank you. Where this photo was taken makes it easy to photograph. Nature is amazing.
jamiesarkett August 06, 2017
Congrats - beautiful :)
jwilbur August 07, 2017
Thank you!
jamiesarkett August 10, 2017
you're very welcome :)

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Raja Ampat, West Papua New Guinea. This is one of the most bio-diverse oceans we have left and thus was the reasoning for going to this place. This place is located off West Papua New Guinea about 3 hours via a boat North Weest. I spent a little over 2 weeks at this location on an Island called Aborek. The island itself is small and home to a small village. This area of the world is really yet to be explored. The culture and people are very nice and accommodating. Please note, there is no hotels - only homestays that consist of a grass hut and a mattress on the floor. There are no showers and only buckets of water to bath yourself. Electricity is very rare beyond generators and is very much a pristine rugged environment. I absolutely can't wait to go back this January (2018)!
This was taken about 15 minutes past sunset. The water was calm, the humidity was high (90%) or greater. The temperature was near 90f. I took several shots of the sunset and at one point, village children came out and were dancing on the pier as they too knew it was a very special sight to see.
The lighting in this is unique i feel because the humidity and clouds helped create the drastic colors seen.
I was backpacking through Indonesia and had little room to fit a large camera with me and took my Olympus TG-860. Because it is a point and shoot camera and had no tripod, i rested this camera on an adjacent pier in order to get the shot i wanted without blur. The results came out really good for a point and shoot camera.
My inspiration to take photos is solely based on showing people that there is more things to see than the concrete jungle we so often live in. The world is vast and much of it has been truly left untouched. Cultures are unique and fascinating and taking pictures on my trips abroad hopefully energizes people to go travel and experience life how it should be. Life is short and must not be wasted. If one of my pictures inspires one person, my passion is fulfilled.
I left the photo untouched.
In my camera bag
Traveling abroad I carry a GoPro 4 black with a red filter on my scuba dive trips and my Olympus TG-860. These cameras really are compact and can take some really quality photos.
My advice is to take pictures frequently and often. Be creative if you don't have a tripod. Use rocks, shoes, logs, or any other solid durable platforms as tripods if you are trying to shed weight. Be patient! Often the best colors of a sunset is always after the sun has fully dropped below the horizon.

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