Nature finds a way, we should too!
Nature finds a way, we should too!
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Behind The Lens

Little Hunting Creek in Cunningham Falls State Park, near Thurmont, Maryland. Although it was taken years ago, it is one of my favorites, both for the image and its symbolism. The massive root wrapping around the stone caught my eye. The area shown is about 3'x 4', so both the stone and the root are pretty large.
It was about 4:30 on a July afternoon and was captured while walking along the stream bed.
All natural light, albeit softened and by the trees and shadow and the lateness of the day.
The capture was with my first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel XT and the 28-135mm lens. I was just getting into photography. It was handheld, no flash, just what was there in nature, (including my very early photo skills!)
By nature, I am inclined to look around me for things which can be symbolic. I think many artists and photographers join philosophers in searching for meaning around us. This one to me really symbolized the long term struggle for life and overcoming it's obstacles. This, like many of our lives, is a long and ongoing process.
Initial processing was into a black and white in Lightroom. I think this may have been one of my first forays into black and white in Lightroom, before I discovered Nik Silver Efex. Another version was used to create a 30x40 commissioned piece now hanging in a friend's State Farm office, with the text "Insurance and Financial Planning: Navigating Life's Obstacles" wrapped above and below the subject. According to my friend, the image really makes the point to her customers! It is one of a series of 9 I created for her office, combining images and thoughts on risk management.
In my camera bag
Core equipment is a Canon 5D MKIII, favorite walkabout lens is a Canon 24-105 f4, supplemented with Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II and Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS. Nowadays also with a GODOX TTL TT685C flash and Magmod modifier kit. Of late I have also started using a Sigma 150-600 Contemporary. Interesting results using it for "landscapes at a distance".
My very best advice, at least for what I do in my search for meaning and symbolism around me, is to look all around. Some of my best captures have been the result of not focusing so intently on an intended project, like a particular landscape, but taking the time to see what else is around, behind, above or below me.

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