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Rimbo Feb 25
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May, 2017

Coffee Time.

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my brother in laws deli for his new website. I'm a self taught, amateur photographer, so him asking me to do the photography for his new website was quite an honour.
This was taken around mid-day but as it was indoors under artificial light, which was quite poor, it was a relatively difficult shot to take as I didn't have my tripod with me.
The lighting on this shot was standard indoor shop lighting, so quite difficult to get the right light, so took some time to adjust ISO and aperture to take the shot.
After getting back into photography, in the digital era, this was taken with a Canon EOS100D and an 18-55 mm kit lens. Just goes to show what can be done with very basic equipment and at the time, very little knowledge.
The inspiration was entirely in the hands of my brother in law, who asked me to do the photography for his website. He gave me the confidence to do this and he used the photographs on his new literature as well.
Only did a very small amount of post processing, mainly for adjustments to exposure, light and shadow, as I was using very basic equipment and my skills with Photoshop at the time were, limited.
In my camera bag
My equipment now, three and a half years later has grown considerably. I still have my EOS100D and I still have my kit lenses, but I know have a 7D MK11, 70-200 USM IS2 Zoom, 75-300, 18-55, 85 and a 50 prime. Also Velbon tripod, manfrotto pixi tripod, Canon flash, go-pro, various Hoya filters, cleaning cloths, blowers, cable shutter releases, spare batteries and charging units.
If you wanted to take a similar picture my advice would be, make it your own, with your own style and uniqueness and then what you create is truly yours.

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