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pietnel July 21, 2017
Gorgeous shot
FredericMONIN August 20, 2017
Great portrait !!!
joannahamilton August 20, 2017


Searching for Starfish. Featuring Jhel Migrino.
Searching for Starfish. Featuring Jhel Migrino.
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at a mangrove forest in Philippines. It's a sanctuary for birds and aquatic life.
I shot it at around 5:00 pm in the afternoon.
My favorite time of the day to shoot is the golden hour. We shoot starting at 3:00 pm under the shade of a dense dark mangrove forest. By the time it was sunset, we moved out by the seashore to allow more light to the model. I placed my model in the open area to illuminate her and shooting her at f/2, while blurring the dark enchanting background of the mangrove forest. It was important for me that the sun illuminates her beautiful face. Suffice it to say, the light is directional.
My equipment is minimal. I use a nikon d7200 at iso100 with an AF Samyang 85mm f1/.4 lens at f/2.
I have wanted to capture a fairytale mood-like photos. A beautiful lady lost in a forest wandering around and enjoying everything she could possibly found. In this one, she walked around to catch a starfish.
Yes, I post-processed by changing the green leaves into an orange dry. I added a bit of extra punch by popping the detail. I darkened the background, and added a ray.
In my camera bag
I use my trusty nikon d7200, samyang 85mm lens, and nikkor 35mm f/1.8.
This is an environmental portrait, and I think using a telephoto lens and shooting wide open can add surreal elements to your image. Just be aware of vignetting that occurs in high contrasting areas. Vignetting mostly occurs in hot countries such as the Philippines where there are higher degree of overexposure and underexposure. This is also the reason why I shoot at f/2 to retain sharpness. Make sure to shoot on sunrise and sunset to illuminate your subject with soft lighting. My camera setting is straightforward: ISO 100 whenever possible. I shoot in aperture mode. Most important of all, choose a good background with a considerable amount of tones and hightlights. It could be a combination of foliage and sky. Lastly, enjoy shooting!

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