What is that, mum?

A protective mother bear checks us out as we pass by

A protective mother bear checks us out as we pass by
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trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman May 24, 2017
davidparkhurst April 24, 2018
So very good
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LadyHawk_1 April 29, 2018
brianbaitystudio PRO+
brianbaitystudio May 03, 2018
thank you for giving us a title and description. I feel this is the correct way to submit photos. Well done!

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Behind The Lens

This image, one of a set, was taken in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada with another bear guide on our day off. She had lain on this snow mound for a better view of the male bear that was hanging around. This is a mother and her COY (Cub of the Year).
The day was slightly overcast and this image was taken later in the afternoon (although close to sun down in winter) so lucky there is some warmth to the image.
We were lucky in one respect with the closing day, that some soft blues and even soft lilac light hung around. There is some amazing light to be had in this town at times so the sunset was trying to shine through the cloud on this occasion.
This image was taken with a Canon 5dmk4 and Tamron 150-600 mk1 (since sold), leant on the car door and trying to keep vibration to a minimum i the blowing wind from the Hudson Bay. VERY cold day.
We came across her by chance but the way she sat in the willows with her cub, and the interaction between her and the cub whilst keeping a keen eye and nose open to the threat of larger male bears nearby. As were we. They are very very quiet when stalking their prey. Us included.
Minimal, with only some cropping. Put through LR6CC corrections inc lens correction, chroma abb. and some sharpening
In my camera bag
Canon 5dmk4, 5dmk2, 7dmk2, 70-200 mk2 f2.8, 17-40 f4, 24-70 is f4 mk2, x1.4 canon ext mk2, manfrotto cx4pro tripod
Have patience. If you travel to these places expecting a Nat Geo shot you will either be very very lucky or quite the opposite. The more times you revisit the better and you will be rewarded with a memorable moment captured for others to wow upon. Keep persevering!!

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