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Mama Watching Her Babies...

May 18.2017
All Rights Reserved © by Melissa Scott Photography 2017

May 18.2017
All Rights Reserved © by Melissa Scott Photography 2017
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traceymcdonald May 20, 2017
Love the colors in this! And who doesn't love baby geese! Fluffy cuteness.
Selswick May 20, 2017
Great Capture
Bellatrix_B2 May 20, 2017
This is SO wonderful,Melissa!!! Excellent capture!!! チ
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman May 21, 2017
Delightful family portrait
kathyk_abq May 21, 2017
So, so sweet!!! Beautiful edit here, too!!! ❤
AnitaHogue PRO+
AnitaHogue May 21, 2017
Oh how sweet! Perfection!!!!! Love love it!
mihrt PRO+
mihrt May 21, 2017
such a beautiful capture Melissa !! Lovely edit as well !
IamOnlyMe May 22, 2017
They look guilty! they must be getting a talking to! lol
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch May 25, 2017
Fantastic image Melissa! Nicely captured!
Jack_EJ May 26, 2017
Ow so cute. Great capture
nina050 PRO+
nina050 May 28, 2017
"Now, listen here children....you MUST stay with me!" Darling!
Dalecga PRO+
Dalecga May 30, 2017
Beautiful Ym.
sue-zon PRO
sue-zon June 06, 2017
Perfect edit for this perfect family portrait!

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