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Such a spectacular view from the top of Ryten (Lofoten, Arctic Norway). This photo was taken after sunset (which was opposite to this photo), just before I went...
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Such a spectacular view from the top of Ryten (Lofoten, Arctic Norway). This photo was taken after sunset (which was opposite to this photo), just before I went down again. When the sun was gone the wind that rushed over the summit made it really cold. Fully exposed to all this, the hose of my waterbag was frozen solid, the bottom part of my pants were frozen and my shoelaces were frozen. But still I'd setup my tripod again, took my working gloves (instead of my nice and warm gloves) and set to work. This image was the result and I'm really happy with it! The sky looked as if I was wearing polarizing sun glases.
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Behind The Lens

As I was walking back down from the summit of Ryten (543 moh, Lofoten) after watching a beautiful sunset, I noticed this strange sky. The colors were different than what I'm used too with a sunset. Especially because already more then one hour had passed but still the sky was full of color and drama.
I was planning to do a sunset shoot on the beach (Kvalvika). To get to this remote beach, you have to do a beautiful hike. First you have to get up and then down again. But while I was doing this, I decided that there was enough time to continue upwards instead and enjoy the view from the summit. Here you have an breathtaking view towards the beach, the ocean and the surrounding landscape. As I neared the summit, I could see the light change. I knew it was going to be epic! The sky was filled with beautiful clouds and colors, and the sunset was spectacular.
After over an hour of photographing and enjoying the view, it was time to head back down. The sun had dropped behind the horizon, and it started to get extremely cold. I had around two hours of hiking and even though it wouldn't become completely dark, I wanted to get down fast. On my way up I had gotten a bit too sweaty and it was really windy up here. So I'd gotten really cold. As I was walking down, I couldn't resist the incredible sky in front of me. The colors where almost as if I was looking through a polarizer.
By now it was well below 0 (Celsius) and because this place is so exposed, the wind was brutal. Nothing protected me from the blistering cold. It froze the hose of my water bag (and even the water inside), my shoe laces and the bottom part of my trousers were frozen solid. I unpacked my Canon EOS 7D with my Tamron SP 17-50 F/2.8 lens attached and set-up my tripod. But the camera refused to work. I had to shield it from the cold while I warmed up the battery underneath my shirt. There was not much foreground interest and it was too cold to think about a composition for too long. I was only able to capture 3 shots before my camera stopped working completely.
The breathtaking landscape and the crazy sky were really inspiring. This is one of those unplanned images that are there for the taking.
Because it was hard being there I didn't worry too much about my lighting settings or filters. Back home I saw that I was lucky so I only lighted up the shadows a touch but apart from that, not much editing was done.
In my camera bag
I always take my F-stop Ajna with my Canon EOS 5D mk4 (shortly after this trip, my 7D fell into a swamp and died). A trip to Iceland and five weeks on the Lofoten had proven too much for my Sirui Tripod, so I bought a Manfrotto carbon tripod (which I love) with an L-bracket. The lenses I'm using are the Tamron SP 24-70 F/2.8 VC and the Tamron SP 70-200 F/2.8. At the beginning of this year I became an ambassador for NiSi BeNeLux so I'm carrying a 150 mm filter system (S5 system) and a whole bunch of incredible glass filters (Landscape Polarizer, natural night filter, different gradual ND's, ND's etc). And finally, since a few weeks I own a DJI Mavic Air to be able to take some nice arial footage to use for my vlogs and of course for photography.
One of the biggest tips for such an image I would give is that when hiking, try not to overheat, be in time to take off a jacket when you get warm. If you get sweaty, you'll get wet. As soon as you're at the summit you'll start to cool really fast and if your clothes are wet, you will start to freeze. When your camera refuses to work because of the cold, you can try to shield it by using your jacket. It might be useful to warm the batteries underneath your clothing as well. Know your camera and put everything on manual. And finally, if your in a similar situation, don't take too much time looking for a composition.

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