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John256 PRO
John256 February 24, 2018
Nice shot, looks cold.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Diamond Beach near the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland.
This photo was shot around 3:30 in the afternoon just after a amazing cave tour.
It took me a little while to get this photo as the sky didn't want to participate too much but I waiting for the right moment and I think the shot speaks for itself.
For this shot I used a Canon 6d and a 16-35mm wide lens. Since then I've upgraded to a Canon 5d Mark IV so I hope to be able to go back and get even more amazing shots.
This has to be one of my top spots for taking photographs. It is so beautiful and the floating glacier pieces always make each picture different. Upon arriving at the beach I choose to go to a less secluded section so I could get the right backdrop. The black sand beach gives it a great contrast when trying to photograph the snowy/icy backdrop. The sky was quite cloudy the whole day but I waiting for the best moment to take the shot. I think it give it a great accent in that the ocean side is clearing up and the mountain side was cloudy and stormy. While you're at diamond beach there are so many chunks on the beach that it's hard to choose just one but when I found the right angle I wanted I adjusted my position to fit the background in as well. I wanted to get a close shot to the piece of ice put if I were to point down I'd loose the background so I squatted down to make sure everything fit in frame. The reflections are so beautiful with the colors of the sun starting to set. I have so many great pictures from this spot. I'd definitely recommend to stop here if you're in Iceland. It's a can't miss spot!!!
I do not like to do too much post processing but it helps bring out the details. I use lightroom and normally just adjust the shadows, highlights, clarity and vibrance. I also like my pictures a little on the cooler side than the warmer side. It gives it a great look especially with cool ice all around.
In my camera bag
My bag is constantly changing. It's amazing how far its come. My bag normally has the canon 5d, a flash, my dji drone, the 16-35mm and 70-200mm canon lenses, my dji osmi, spare batteries and memory, the chargers, and some waterproof covers in case its raining.
The beautiful thing about the diamond beach is that the glaciers are constantly melting and breaking apart meaning you'll always get a different view/perspective. Just capture you're creativity and try to get unique angles and viewpoints that normal people wouldn't think of. I always look at people taking pictures and try to see how I can improve on it. So use your own style and try to capture what you're looking at with your camera. In this pictures case, you can see the mountains and glaciers floating in the water so you'd see how they'd melt, break off, and float to the beach.

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