Two things that make up my whole world...!! ヅ

May 15th 2017
My sweet, goofy baby boy (every single one of my furry kids) and my camera-other eye are my whole world !! :):)

Always find...
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May 15th 2017
My sweet, goofy baby boy (every single one of my furry kids) and my camera-other eye are my whole world !! :):)

Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.

I want to send a BIG thank you for the huge number of views I get on each of my pictures, and for those that follow me through my inspiration feed EVERYDAY. It truly shows I've got art-pictures worth lookin' at and that alone is so inspirin' and humbling!! It speaks volumes, thank you!!
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Ambient360 May 15, 2017
What a handsome fellow and that camera... well it is certainly well endowed ;) great photo...great photographer.
micfos PRO
micfos May 16, 2017
Amen to your words Steph ! :) Wow your boy is growin so fast and still as cute as ever ! Aarrhh, there's the famous camera hehe !! It is but an extension to your creative genius ! :)
SoulShutter May 16, 2017
Meet the gang !!! this lad is growing up now !
JulesB May 16, 2017
That's one handsome dude and he's guarding the merchandise too... a beautiful shot!!!
JVendetti May 17, 2017
What a sweet photo! Looking right at you with those love eyes!!! Adorable! :)
rkrings2 May 17, 2017
What a cute shot!!!
Brad-DoChara May 17, 2017
Awwwww!!! The little pup pup!!! You already know what I think! He's adorable and full of smiles!! :P And mischief hehe Love the camera and the one of a kind camera strap. :)
ReneeBlake PRO+
ReneeBlake May 19, 2017
I know what you mean !!
Dalecga PRO+
Dalecga May 20, 2017
Captured one happy popster there Steph. Nice !
Selswick May 21, 2017
A great pair
deannefortnam PRO+
deannefortnam May 21, 2017
Awww great shot!
A_B_digital PRO
A_B_digital May 21, 2017
Are you getting him used to your camera so that one day he'll be a photographic artist like his mum? Lovely shot, Steph - full of character.
Deb-Deb May 21, 2017
Nawww he is so adorable!!
llowzz PRO+
llowzz May 23, 2017
Love that big smile!!
amoeba May 26, 2017
What a great smile!!! Leaf!!! :D
ziggyzoo52 May 30, 2017
Lovely dog
KarenRoberts June 14, 2017
Awe sweet baby
SuzMDixon PRO
SuzMDixon June 17, 2017
How could this shot not make you feel happy?? :)))
Esilva77 July 01, 2017
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman August 13, 2017
Adorable furball, magnificent camera and a fairy strap!!! You are so blessed ;)

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