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May, 2017

Lucy L. model in such a strong pose :)

From Shootparty int the Knights Hall at old Castle north of Prag.
Lovely Lucy Lachova said before the shoot, just wait, now i know why :)

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Behind The Lens

Photo is taken in the Knights Hall at an old Castle north of Prag. Model and location was provided by Shootparty of Prag.
The shoot took place at noon where both model, photographer and lights were on top ;)
The Castle was with big windows and outside there was virtually no overcast so I only used natural light with a single reflektor to control shadows. Had a Godox ad 360 with octa as backup if light failed, but it was hardly used :)
Nikon D750 handheld (iso 2000-3200) with a Nikkor 24-120 mm f:4 nano coated.
The possibility to work in a genuine old castle with a pro model who had an impressive portfolio, gave lots of ideas and energy.
Use Lightroom for raw converting and basic adjusting of light, contrast and color balance, then export to PhotoShop for the final fingerprint from me. I love the proces of turning a basically dull Raw file to my vision.
In my camera bag
As mentioned above a Nikon D750 handheld (iso 2000-3200) with a Nikkor 24-120 mm f:4 nano coated. Backup stuff I a Nikon SB900 and 35, 50 and 85 mm primes for low low light situations. Bowens oval gold/silver reflektor and Good Ad360 with 90cm easyfold octa og 180 cm silver umbrella. Lately I have had a Fuji Xpro2 with 18-55 mm zoom as backup camera
Be well prepared, bring enough memory and batteries, use only equipment you really know. Check light directions with an app, and weather forecast, so you know what to expect lighting wise. Communicate with the model so you know what the model have of props and what you must get or borrow :) On this occasion the only props was a pair of Louboutin heels that i borrowed from my stylist back home.

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