Labrador Dog Water Action

Labrador Dog Water Action
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adavies PRO
adavies May 01, 2017
Love this...he's so happy playing in the water! Great capture! :)
trainwoman PRO
trainwoman May 01, 2017
Too happy...stick and water!!!
Gita May 02, 2017
Very beautiful dog!
Merlot May 02, 2017
Lovely dog and great image. Klasse!
AmandaJayne May 03, 2017
A cracking shot
terrysigns13 May 04, 2017
Love that sparkle and splash! Great fun
Pblais May 05, 2017
It's not so much a picture OF a dog but more to the more important point ABOUT a dog! I think it's one of your very best and you have a lot of great dog pictures!
ziggyzoo52 May 06, 2017
This is wonderful
shema PRO
shema May 07, 2017
great pov, he does look so happy!
Daisy00 PRO
Daisy00 May 07, 2017
awww love this, great shot!!
murphey PRO+
murphey May 11, 2017
Terrific !
sue-zon PRO+
sue-zon May 11, 2017
Got to be one of my favorites! Happy Puppy!
Arzhtatiana PRO
Arzhtatiana May 12, 2017
Awesome capture!
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo May 29, 2017
Sharp and also Fun!
sallyG11 PRO+
sallyG11 June 01, 2017
Wonderful capture, he's having so much the movement!
podesta June 01, 2017
Fantastic capture
Charlene-Shelby June 02, 2017
This is so beautiful and would go great with my "dogs that love to make a splash" challenge! Please consider entering! I would love to see you win!
terryhancock June 03, 2017
Fantastic shot
preciousbinky4 PRO
preciousbinky4 June 04, 2017
Your shots are amazing
adriansart PRO+
adriansart June 06, 2017
Superb action moment Jens he really does look a happy dog just how it should be!
Mary18 June 11, 2017
Cool shot!
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch June 12, 2017
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 June 12, 2017
Excellent capture !!
ellenellen PRO+
ellenellen June 13, 2017
Great action shot!
Paulacook144 PRO+
Paulacook144 June 13, 2017
Great action shot.
Kaysmiley7 June 18, 2017
Adorable! Great shot!
Greenteabreak June 22, 2017
Go!! Nice :-)
texaaronpueschel PRO+
texaaronpueschel June 30, 2017
Wonderful action shot of this great looking dog.
robsy1965 PRO
robsy1965 July 05, 2017
I adore the tail spray!!! So do you have two black labs??? It looks like two different shaped heads. So much fun! Finding your photos made my day! We just had our 14-1/2 year old black lab pass away about a week ago. Hardest thing ever. Your photos made my heart so very happy!
mjboyd_70 PRO+
mjboyd_70 July 05, 2017
I have a Black Lab that looks so much like this... Love him.. love your shots of him, they are superb...????
kathyk_abq July 05, 2017
Beautiful! Great action and such joy!
Shellcanada July 05, 2017
love this shot
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 July 07, 2017
What a great capture!
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 July 07, 2017
I love this!
cindybucholz July 07, 2017
Excellent lab in action!!!
lizziemellis PRO+
lizziemellis July 12, 2017
Love this one.. great action shot:-)
Bellatrix_B2 July 21, 2017
Fabulous shot!!! ❤
ChrisHPhotos July 23, 2017
Excellent light and movement, well captured.
Tysondv August 02, 2017
I'm pretty picky about who I follow, I never thought I'd be following someone who just takes pictures of their dog. You are a seriously incredible photographer.
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch August 06, 2017
Amazing as always!
ualazarus August 10, 2017
Nice shoot and happy dog, its beautiful!
tongant PRO+
tongant August 13, 2017
A wonderful capture, he is a beautiful dog!!
betsyarmour PRO
betsyarmour August 16, 2017
This is definitely a lab's natural habitat! Great capture! Lovely pup!
laurentinasilva August 28, 2017
Amazing the shot end dog
melissapoling September 01, 2017
Amazingly adorable
SVPhotos PRO
SVPhotos October 27, 2017
Great Capture!
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 November 04, 2017
Fantastic, voted Animals and Water
Arzhtatiana PRO
Arzhtatiana November 04, 2017
Voted...Animals and Water...!
Akire November 13, 2017
Great action shot!
abaskin December 20, 2017
That Lab is a natural! It was hard to pick a favorite shot!
deefitzsimmons PRO+
deefitzsimmons January 02, 2018
Great shot!
coleenlindstrom PRO
coleenlindstrom January 04, 2018
LD23PHOTOGRAPHY January 07, 2018
I love your work and find great inspiration from it. Please could you comment on my images as I would be grateful for any advice you could give me. Thanks
Jens_Schommer January 13, 2018
GREAT Photo!
mariarichardson January 24, 2018
Fabulous labby gallery
stephenpretty February 02, 2018
Love your dog photos. A great collection of photos well captured. Cheers Stephen.
InuYashafoxfire May 03, 2018
Stick+Water=Extremely Happy Pupper.
jettahlily008 PRO+
jettahlily008 August 11, 2018
Beautiful capture & composition! :)
carinaservello January 09, 2019
Beautiful capture!
Argatykites PRO+
Argatykites March 18, 2020
Cracking shot