FlipSide, 2015

This was a decorated golf cart, driving by our camp at Flip Side, 2015

This was a decorated golf cart, driving by our camp at Flip Side, 2015
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Flipside near Austin, Texas. During the event, photography is frowned upon unless you have the explicit permission of any people in the pictures. I was looking for ways to capture some of the experience and found an opportunity when I saw a golf cart covered in Christmas lights headed my way. It was an opportunity to take a long exposure photo without fear of capturing any people.
It had rained significantly during the day on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, 2015, so much of the evening was spent under shelter. After midnight, when the weather had finally cleared, there was a significant amount of activity as everyone anticipated the burning of the effigy Sunday night.
I spent half an hour photographing various vehicles and making adjustments so that I could get lighting that reminded me of a carnival atmosphere. There was very little ambient light available and because of the overcast weather, there were no stars nor Moon to provide additional lighting.
To get this photo, I used my Canon 6D, a fast 50 1.4, and tripod.
I was looking for ways to capture the spirit of radical self-expression in a festival environment without any people.
Fortunately, this photo required no post processing.
In my camera bag
The lens that lives on my 6D is a cannon macro EF 100mm 1:2.8. I usually carry my 24 - 105 F / 4L as a general-purpose lens, a 40 mm pancake lens, and my 50mm. When I carry my 60D, I shoot almost exclusively with a 60 mm macro.
When shooting in the dark at a festival, I try to find a place with only moderate foot traffic but some sort of interesting lighting. I've captured similarly exciting photos of laser lights in tree leaves with long exposures, and it's actually a little bit of fun when people stop to see what I am photographing. When shooting along a road, as in this shot, it's important to remember to stay far enough off the road to keep from getting hurt. The temptation is to set up in the middle of the road, but you can't count on everyone in a golf cart to be paying attention to you.

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