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elued29 May 06, 2017
excellent view and the same is capture...
Furnitureman Apr 03
You have won the people choice award. Nice capture and congratulations.
JayneBug Apr 03
The workmanship is so intricate. Beautiful image. Congratulations on your award winning capture!
DrPhrogg Apr 03
Thanks to all who have views and liked this photo. The site is open to the public, located just south of Trenton, NJ. Google BAPS Robbinsville for times and a map.

Arches in entry outside BAPS Shri Swaaminaryan Mandir

Each of the designs is hand carved. So far, it has been under construction 3 years.
Each of the designs is hand carved. So far, it has been under construction 3 years.
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Behind The Lens

This is the front of the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Robbinsville, NJ. It is open to the public. Google the site name for directions & times.
This was taken early afternoon, but the arch is on the north side of a large building.
It was a very sunny day, but the arch is in the shadow.
I shoot a Canon EOS 70D shot at f/16, @ 1/80 and iso 125. This was hand held, one of about 15 from different vantage points
I have been visiting this temple every few months during construction. I have quite a few photos in my gallery of workmen from India who donate 3 months to building, painting, or other tasks.
PP included cropping and brightening shadows. The contrast was very harsh.
In my camera bag
Camera: Canon 70D & T3i Lenses: Canon 28-105mm & 18-135mm on camera. Canon Nifty 50mm,100mm macro & 70-300mm in bag also carry EX600 II flash, extra camera batteries, and a variety of filters- close up, cross screen & ND
I always carry a camera. Sometimes the opportunity surprises you, but on days like this, I deliberately went to the Temple to record the changes made during construction. While on site, take more pictures than you think you need. Change position, elevation, watch for special lighting conditions. However, in the temple, I also had to be respectful of their culture. No photos in the interior of the main temple (no shoes either) In some of the areas, I asked in photos were permitted. Usually, they were if not inside the Holy area, but you get more cooperation if you ask.

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