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Apr, 2017


Startrails over Lovrenška jezera or in english Lovrenc Lakes.
The Lovrenc Lakes are the most interesting amongst the lakes found at the kilometre long and 300m wide Lovrenc moor, which some also call the Lovrenc Lakes. This moor consists of two areas separated only by a narrow strip of spruces. Each includes 10 peat-lakes, the windows of the moor.

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Won Contest Finalist in Composition And Leading Lines Photo ContestJune, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Promenades And Boardwalks Photo ContestDecember, 2017

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in slovenia, my home country, more specifically at Lovrenc lakes near Rogla ski resort.
I took this image at night i think that was somewhere around 10pm Central europe time.
This is a longexposure at aorund 20 minutes, i was not sure how it will look because there was a moon on the sky from the left side. But it worked ou very well it did lit up the wooden path very weell.
This was shot on a Canon 6D with Canon 16-35 F4 lens on a tripod and i used wireless remote trigger that enabled me few ten minutes of exposure.
Well i saw a polaris right above this lake and this wooden path that is a nice leading line to the stars and that's why i took this photo.
Yes i did some basic post processing in Lightroom, like reduced some highlights and added some contrast etc...
In my camera bag
I have more equipment that i really need and allways have everithing with me haha. So i have really big bag that is heavy, but i dont mind that i would rather have heavy bag that be sorry later that i did not bring something with me. So in my bag are allways: Canon 6D Canon 16-35mm F4 IS Canon 24-70mm F4 IS Canon 70-300mm F4-5.6 IS Canon 50mm F1.8 Tamron 90mm F2.8 DJI Mavic Pro Manfrotto tripod Haida filters And many other thing that i need when im out shooting...
I am not really good at giving advice, but i will say that is important to stay at location little longer if you can. Never leave location when you first tought of going home. when i start to think that i have to stop shooting and go home i allways stay there at least 30minutes longer, because best light will happend when you pack up everthing and start to go home. So patience is very important in photography!

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