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A Japanese Snow Monkey taking a nice relaxing bath in the natural hot springs which occur in the mountains of Japan.

A Japanese Snow Monkey taking a nice relaxing bath in the natural hot springs which occur in the mountains of Japan.
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Honorable Mention in Wildlife Photo Contest 2018
Photography Awards Animals And Wildlife Winner
Contest Finalist in ViewBug Photography Awards
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27 Comments | Report
edrobson Premium
edrobson June 19, 2017
Supercool image.
aaronwilde August 05, 2017
Angry. Monkey.
Veligzhanina August 13, 2017
Wow!) Cool!!
julialynnhall October 04, 2017
Up close and personal. Amazing capture!
patrickiddings December 09, 2017
Just plain cool
ArberElezi PRO
ArberElezi December 10, 2017
Amazing Shot
NewJared December 11, 2017
Wow! That's a serious portrait!
KatieMcKinneyPhotography January 05, 2018
Incredible capture!!
Jania January 05, 2018
This photo is nothing less than absolutely incredible. I'm boggled by the capture! Amazing job and I hope one day I'm able to get as incredible a shot as you did! (Even if not the same animal lol)
charelvanrensburg January 06, 2018
That's a pure ''what you looking at'' face. Awesome Capture!! Well done.
jcg539 January 15, 2018
How did you manage to get near one of these?
MIsabel Premium
MIsabel January 16, 2018
Congratulations, your photo is amazing!
Canadianeh PRO
Canadianeh January 16, 2018
Such raw emotion...excellent work!!
LauraMK February 19, 2018
Seriously like wow ! I’m in complete awe! Your photo is truly WOW!!
Julesm2012 PRO
Julesm2012 March 31, 2018
One of the best photos I have seen. The emotion captured in the eyes. Incredible photo !!!!
marcbaechtold PRO+
marcbaechtold May 14, 2018
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
liaekaiteudo PRO
liaekaiteudo May 28, 2018
stunning capture !
danielmartin May 31, 2018
Incredible sharpness and captures...
Nostroboy PRO+
Nostroboy June 17, 2018
This shot is insane ! Love it !
Carlosf_m PRO
Carlosf_m July 31, 2018
This is an amazing capture, congratulations!
scottgeorgehay September 02, 2018
A most intense image.... !
"make a critique" they say.... ! Dare I ?

To be perfectly honest the ONLY way I, me personally, can see to 'improve' this particular image .... would be to darken it... reduce the white light, but leave the contrast.

other than that I think it is a superb image.
Well done sir!
derxphoto Aug 30
tysonator Oct 21
what powerful character !
Happy_Hippy PRO+
Happy_Hippy Oct 24
beautiful shot
Great shot but I did not consider these to be pets, sorry.
CAphotos PRO+
CAphotos Nov 08
So this Japanese Monkey is your pet. Right? I mean it was entered into a "My Favorite Pet contest". Why? And next, why does Viewbug allow this? I tried to contact them & they said they were working to fix it - that was before the judging. And now here is a winner. A non-pet type of animal. Who are the judges that look at these contests anyway? I hope other people are complaining. They won't do anything unless everybody complains. It's not fair - it's not ethical - it disrespects other photographers who are trying to play by the rules. Sure it's a great capture....for some other contest. But not for PETS. Yet I see several Pet contests that this picture has been entered into. Why? I'd really like to know.
DNproSTUDIO Nov 15
so very great

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Jigokudani in Japan, just abshot train ride from Nagano then a hike up the mountain to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat
It was taken in the morning just as the snow started to fall, it was a cold but beautiful day.
The photo you see here was taken with natural light, it was an overcast day so this created soft lighting for the subject you see.
This was taken with a Nikon D7000 and an 18-135 mm lens zoomed at 135mm F5,6
I have always been intrigued by the Japanese macaques and I always wanted to see them in real life.
Just basic editing really, the RAW file was sharpened and contrast and vibrancy
In my camera bag
Normally I take my Nikon D750 with an 18-35mm and a 35 or 85 1.4 lens, just depends on the location.
Just go out and take pictures, these animals are so unpredictable that it’s fun to shoot them as they move around and do their thing..

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