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trainwoman PRO
trainwoman March 28, 2017
Beautiful child
Reebee March 31, 2017
This is priceless. Awesome work!
jeffjacobson PRO+
jeffjacobson April 16, 2017
The black and white makes this image stronger, in my opinion! Great job.
bethparham Jan 15
the candor of your photographs is the first thing that I feel the moment I look at them. being a photographer who is able to capture those rare glimpses and time is many times more difficult then any post shot in the studio. you have to have a balance for yourself as well... you have to live the moment take the shot and keep living the moment without letting one overrule the other. I think you're doing a brilliant job of capturing the essence of Thailand. my father was stationed at Ramasan RRFS (he was army intelligence
bethparham Jan 15
he has an affinity for taking pictures as well although in the 70s... what the average 19 year old could afford camera wise was limited. but the one thing that I was able to grasp from his pictures was that Thailand is not Bangkok... I imagine comparing the two feels like comparing two different continents or even planets as far as how different they are. I love that you chose to capture the essence of the rural communities instead of the razzle dazzle. keep up the good work