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Bamboo forest in Kyoto

Bamboo forest in Kyoto
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Behind The Lens


I took this photo in Kyoto's Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in the western part of the city.


This was taken during the late morning, probably around 11am-noon. We were walking around the western part of the city checking out a handful of temples as well as the bamboo forest which was high on our list of experiences.


I think my style has matured into something that incorporates moody lighting as much as possible. So when I was walking through the forest and thinking how I could best capture the feel of the forest I was in, I thought that incorporating the bright light from the sky contrasted against the darker shoots of the bamboo underneath the canopy would best express the lighting mood.


My Nikon D7100 with a 16-85mm lens.


I love bamboo forests and really wanted to capture the essence of walking through one. My go to in these situations is looking up usually, but I wanted to create some effort of leading lines and really liked the effect of having them arise from the corner of the image and bringing you into the center.


Yep - I use Lightroom CC. As I mentioned earlier, I like to elicit a more moody feel in my photos. To do this, I usually play with the tone curves, increase the low point on blacks, and adjust color hue/saturation/luminance.

In my camera bag

At this point, I usually only carry my D7100 with my go to travel lens, the 16-85mm. I also like to carry a handful of ND filters and a polarizing lens. If I have room in my travel bag (I try to pack as little as possible) I'll pack my 35mm and my tripod, possibly a speed light if I plan on shooting at night.


Explore, explore, explore. Ideally you'll be able to carry a prime lens in a lot of situations for better clarity and just walk around areas of interest to find that perfect perspective you're searching for. I am a pretty big advocate of the rule of thirds and try to incorporate it into my photos as much as possible. I like the off-kilter weightiness it elicits, especially if there aren't any main subjects of the photo.

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