Paulacook144 January 19, 2018
Beautiful portrait image.
subanthan_abi February 04, 2018
timwells September 20, 2018
Beautiful portrait. Lovely lighting.

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Mar, 2017

Heather II

Bridesmaid image

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Won Contest Finalist in Weddings And Fashion Photo ContestJune, 2018
Won People's Choice in GIRL AND FLOWER Photo ChallengeJanuary, 2018
Won Peer Choice AwardNovember, 2017


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Behind The Lens

This image was taken during a studio shoot with a young and relatively inexperienced model.
It was taken in the afternoon however since it was taken in a studio environment I had complete control over the lighting.
I used a single studio strobe fitted with a softbox modifier. I love the simplicity of a single light set up and this image demonstrates really well just how effective a single soft light source can be on your subject.
I shot this on my Nikon D810 using a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lens at about 85mm. I always use a tripod as the D810 does not suffer poor technique well at all and the single light was fired with a remote trigger.
The flower head dress on the model along with her young and innocent face created all the inspiration needed to create such an emotive portrait. I wanted to capture young innocence and the models lovely features and pensive expression made the image complete.
Yes. There was a lot of skin retouching required since the models skin was not good. After going over the face with the spot removal tool I followed this up with frequency separation to smooth out the colour tones. I never adjust the higher frequency's as I feel this usually leaves skin with little or no texture - I hate over processed images! After this I added a little dodge and burn and finished off with some colour toning.
In my camera bag
For portraiture I have a small selection of quality Nikon glass - 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 105mm and 85mm. I don't use on-camera flash for portraiture but I do always use my trusty Feisol tripod. For studio / strobe work, I tend towards the 70-200 and the 105mm - for natural light I like the 24-70 and the 85mm.
Keep it simple and focus on the small details. Avoid background distractions and take your time so you can capture the right expression!

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