model: Ava

model: Ava
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iluv2shoot July 12, 2017
Stunning capture and beautiful results!
SpokeninRed August 01, 2017
Thank you very much!
MissIvy1964 PRO+
MissIvy1964 July 12, 2017
Beautiful. Great work. Hope you are enjoying the website as much as I do.
SpokeninRed August 01, 2017
Thanks so much! I'm not really on the website much.
simonparry July 13, 2017
Just stunning..
SpokeninRed August 01, 2017
Thank you, Simon!
Melody1310 July 14, 2017
SpokeninRed August 01, 2017
Thank you, Melanie!
PeterTaylor-PHOTOGENIX July 16, 2017
Great angle
SpokeninRed August 01, 2017
Thank you, Peter!
TomasTar PRO+
TomasTar June 08, 2018

Behind The Lens

I have some young woods in my back yard that I go to shoot in if the bugs aren't too terribly bad. I love the idea of nature but I am basically allergic to outdoors so it's always a lot of suffering during and after an outdoor shoot.
It certainly wasn't my favorite time of day to be outside shooting but this is a ballet student of mine and I had ballet classes to teach so we both had to do this earlier in the day, around 2PM. Even at midday the sun really moves around and the shadows fall everywhere from the trees so there is a constant renegotiating with where the model is, where you are, and camera settings.
For this particular shot, I was leaning a gold reflector against my knees to direct more light up into her face. Thankfully, the model is very patient and stays "on" while I click away.
Just my Canon 5D Mk III, zoom lens, and a reflector. I don't like tripods very much because I love to move around and discover new angles. I find them pretty laborious to work with but I have to use them when I use myself as a model so it's always a treat to have other people to photograph so I can be mobile.
I did an entire series with the model that we had been planning for a couple of weeks. The wonderful thing is that this was done in early December. It was so unseasonably warm and we really lucked out on the weather. As for this particular photo, the model is very inspiring and I get lost just shooting her. We've worked together many times and I probably will work with her many more.
If you look through my entire gallery, it is hugely evident that I do a lot of post processing but not so much with this picture. I added some vignetting, particularly at the top, just to contain and frame the model as my angle is upward and the sky was just blown out.
In my camera bag
I have my Canon 5D Mark III with me, a lens wipe, an extra battery, extra memory cards, a nifty-fifty lens, and a 22-105mm zoom lens that is really my go to lens all the time. Beyond that? Too much to lug around.
I think, at least for me, a key is to be facile because the lighting scenarios change abruptly in outdoor shoots, particularly in the woods. I squint a lot when outdoors because it helps to define the shadows better because in that kind of sun our eyes miss a lot and I have to trust the camera's meter a lot since I can barely see with all that light. Given that I have a lot of juggling to do with my photography schedule and my job as a ballet instructor, I have to shoot pretty quickly and not get too bogged down in details. With this shot, I was on my knees on the ground shooting upward and I am a big fan of changing angles. Freeing yourself to move generally yields good results!

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